Maxine Waters Delivers Fifth Democrat Party Response on BET

Continuing the Democrat party’s incredible display of unity, Maxine Waters gave the fifth Democrat response to the State of the Union on Wednesday night on “Angela Rye’s State of the Union” on BET.


Angela Rye hosts a culture and politics panel  on BET. Throwing all subtlety to wind, she opened her show with a bible verse for the “KKK Commander-Chief”.

A double minded man is unstable in all his ways. James 1:8

Her opening monologue was followed by a hysterically edited recap of Trump’s speech featuring – lightening flash! Angry Democrats! Unflattering stills! RED RED AND MORE RED!!!!!!!!!

Thankfully it didn’t take long to get to the real reason anyone tuned in to this show: Maxine Waters.

From the beginning, it was obvious why BET waited to release the response rather than jump on the internet wave the night of the SOTU speech. They needed to make sure she didn’t say anything crazy. Ironically, Waters took the same path as President Trump, choosing to carefully stick to the script.

Even crazy people have good advisors.

The result was a clearly edited, measured response that most certainly did nothing to endear Waters to the base who have inexplicably foisted her to celebrity pop culture status. The congresswoman became beloved for her impulsive, if not zany remarks and attitude. Muting that with a script had the predictable consequences of making her look like a typical, boring, old politician.

Waters’ response didn’t even graze the very tip of intellectual. Instead, it was filled with #fakenews headlines, talking points and pablum for the base.


Naturally she credited the booming economy to the fact the Donald Trump inherited all the hard work of the first black president, and was sure to point out that Trump has “divided America in ways no other moderern president has ever done.”…that’s not a spelling error, I just wrote it how she said it.

Charlottesville. KKK. Racist. Blames everything on people of color…it was a tedious exercise in Democrat talking points delivered without conviction or passion. It was almost as if Waters herself knew that everything coming out of her mouth had long ago passed the expiration date.

After eight years of controlling the narrative, Democrats are scrambling to catch up a president who has once again changed the game and all the rules. The five responses to the SOTU simply underline the utter chaos that has now enveloped the nation’s opposition party.

Enjoy Maxine Waters.


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