Alec Baldwin Thinks Everyone Being Too Mean to Woody Allen

Alec Baldwin wants everyone to stop being unfair to legendary director/writer Woody Allen.

Allen has long withstood the horrific charges and accusations against him by hiding behind his work and the constant flow of elite actors in and out of his sphere of influence.


A colleague reminded me that I might need to provide some context for younger readers who aren’t totally familiar with Allen’s antics. In the 1980’s he and wife Mia Farrow were arguably the biggest celebrity couple in the United States – think Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. When the couple divorced, an ugly custody battle ensued in which Allen was accused of molesting his young daughter. Farrow eventually dropped the suit to spare her daughter more trauma in exchange for custody and was painted as an unstable, bitter ex-wife.

Why bitter? Why the divorce in the first place?

Woody Allen married his daughter. Well, adopted daughter. Adopted stepdaughter. Mia Farrow had adopted Soon Yi before she moved in with (and eventually married) Allen but the two raised her together as partners. After Soon Yi blossomed into a teenager, Farrow discovered they were having a sexual relationship. The rest is history.

For you kids, it’s like Brad Pitt marrying Zahara.

People have been asking for years why actors are so eager to work with Allen when at the very least he’s a gross, perverted cheater. His daughter Dylan penned a letter in 2014 detailing the reasons why he is probably much, much worse than that.


The #MeToo movement finally seems to be calling on Allen’s doorstep, with several actors from his recent films announcing they will donate their salaries and will not work with him in the future. More impressively, actress Mira Sorvino wrote an open apology to Dylan Farrow for working with Allen and dismissing her story.

However, Alec Baldwin thinks we’re all being a bit too hasty about all this. All those other accusations are fine, but when it comes to Woody Allen…well, he had a good time working with Woody and he’s never seen any inappropriate behavior so he thinks it’s unfair to lump Allen in with all these other Weinstein-esque goons.

In a tweet through his Alec Baldwin Foundation account, Baldwin begs people to remember that Allen was not charged with anything even after two criminal investigations.

That same account is also tweeting seeming rebuttals to Allen accusers from those eager to remind the public that Mia Farrow has also been accused of child abuse, even by her own children.

The timeline is also rife with plenty of Trump insults and denunciations – naturally.

For Baldwin, someone saying they heard Donald Trump say a bad word about 3rd world countries is enough to publicly indict the president even though he denies it; because hey, it’s something Baldwin feels like Trump would say.


However, someone saying Woody Allen sexually abused her (and subsequently) seeing Allen go on to marry the girl he started having sex with as a teenager living under his roof and paternalism…well it’s not fair to indict that guy because Baldwin doesn’t feel like Woody Allen would do something like that.

Like most of Hollywood, Baldwin bases his opinions on his feelings which is probably why sexual harassment and pedophilia have been allowed to thrive for so long in Tinseltown.

And let’s not forget that Baldwin called his own teenager a “little pig” in a now infamous rant after she told him she didn’t want to visit with him per his custody agreement.

One Father-of-the-Year defending another.



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