WATCH: Strange Object in the Sky Freaks Out Californians...UFO?

My husband was driving home to our Orange County, CA suburb on Friday night when he noticed something strange in the sky. Suddenly people started coming out of their houses and looking up. It was a strange sight and luckily he was at a traffic light. He pulled out his phone and shot this stunning video.


Talk about freaky. Like any informed American we went directly to Twitter to see if there was any news on the unidentified (by us, anyway) object. It turns out it was a scheduled launch of the SpaceX Iridium-4 satellite. 

SpaceX will make their last launch of 2017 Friday, with a Falcon 9 lifting off from Vandenberg Air Force Base to deploy ten more Iridium-NEXT communications satellites. The launch, scheduled for 17:27:23 Pacific Time (01:27 UTC on Saturday), will take place just 61 seconds after a Japanese H-IIA rocket is scheduled to lift off on the other side of the Pacific.

Friday’s launch carries the fourth group of ten satellites in Iridium Communications’ second-generation Iridium-NEXT constellation. Iridium provides global mobile satellite communications through a fleet of satellites in low Earth orbit.

Well, scare us to death why dontcha??

It was truly an incredible sight.


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