Maybe All of Congress (and Hollywood) Needs to Adopt the "Pence Rule"

Vice President Mike Pence and his wife, Karen, stand during the playing of the national anthem before an NFL football game between the Indianapolis Colts and the San Francisco 49ers, Sunday, Oct. 8, 2017, in Indianapolis. (AP Photo/Michael Conroy)

Hey, remember that one time the left and basically everyone in mainstream media threw an utter conniption fit when Mike Pence said he makes it a point not to share private meals or meetings with women when his wife is not present?


Pence was labeled a “pervert” by all the usual suspects from the left because apparently if a married man chooses to enact some boundaries between himself and the opposite sex it’s only because he can’t control his sick, sex perv urges.

Of course, at this very moment this line of logic seems even more ridiculous. Real perversion is on full display. If we’re looking at “making one’s wife a priority by choosing not to open oneself to rumor and innuendo” vs. “masturbating in front of young, frightened actress and…unloading into a potted plant” I’ll take “making one’s wife a priority” for $1000, Alex.

It becomes more and more clear every day why the elitist liberal left were so perplexed by Pence’s declaration. They live and work in a world where sexual perversion and misconduct is normalized. It’s so normal, that hardly anyone familiar with any of the accused has expressed shock…just sadness and shame that they were complicit in the coverup for so long. No wonder they think a married man who has never been accused of adultery (that we know of) is a secret pervert. All of their guys are secret perverts. Republican men must be much, much worse!

It is hard for liberals to imagine that a man doesn’t have constant, sexually aggressive urges. It’s on full display every day in the offices of movie agents, producers and their favorite congressmen and Presidents (I’m looking at you, Bill Clinton). Former Democrat Donald Trump has seemed to follow the same playbook. Every man in their orbit displays the familiar characteristics of oversexed, overindulged hormonal playboys.


Pence’s “rule” must only be because he can’t control his own urges as well. After all, as a Republican his secret urges must be ten times worse than any of their own favorite misogynists.

And let’s concede that silly notion for just a moment…for the sake of argument. Let’s just say that Pence’s reasoning really is that he can’t control his urges. Isn’t it better for a man to recognize that about himself and work to protect women from his primal, disgusting urges?

Of course, that isn’t at all what Pence did. Like many practicing Christians and people of other faiths, Pence understands that even the appearance of “wrong” can be used to spark rumors, spread false accusations and bring pain to one’s spouse.

1 Thessalonians 5:22 Abstain from all appearance of evil

The vice president understands that as a man in a position of power, he is vulnerable to rumor, misinterpreted intentions and flat out lies. One way to protect oneself from those things is to always make sure a third party is present in any meeting. In addition, as we have seen with the revelations from the last few weeks of the horrific (and even criminal) sexual misconduct of some of the most powerful men in America, power has a tendency to corrupt and leave one vulnerable to the temptation to wield that power. By choosing to not let the opportunity get a even a toe in the door, Pence is recognizing that no man is above making bad choices and he’s doing everything in his power to avoid the trappings of his station.


Only in 2017 America can that be seen as character flaw.

Perhaps congress and the mainstream media and basically every snooty know-it-all on the left should start adopting the “Pence Rule” as a day-to-day value. It turns out a lot these men that have been propped up as champions for the poor and marginalized are actual sexual predators who can’t control their urges.

Wouldn’t it have been nice for the victims of this perversion if some of these men had chosen to adopt the “Pence Rule” instead of indulge their every, warped urge?



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