It's #WorldVeganDay! Twitter Says So


It’s World Vegan Day! This is the day the entire world has set aside to celebrate and acknowledge veganism. Vegans needed an official day of recognition because so little is known about vegans and their diets and their feelings about animals and the environment and what kind of food all the rest of us should be eating. They’ve been a silent minority for too long.


Thankfully vegans need no longer live invisible lives, thanks to World Vegan Day and the internet.

Vegans don’t eat or use the product of any animal. This includes dairy and basically any of the things that make food taste good. But that’s okay, because vegans are saving the earth, animals, and the collective conscience of humanity.

The answer to this question is that clearly Libs hate the environment and you should all vote for conservatives.

Look how much better vegans are than the rest of you carnivores!

Dear @emilem47: how do I explain to all those starving people in North Korea that if they just ate fewer eggs they wouldn’t be so hungry all the time?

I measure every building I enter by how many cows could fit into it if we could just get rid of these inconvenient humans.


Well, if you love them so much why don’t you marry them?!

We should make Tara happier by eating her peoples friends instead.

Delete your account.

This guy’s beef sounds really watery. Maybe that’s why he went vegan.

Mmmmm…I doubt it.

You can be a liar, thief or pedophile but as long as you’re a vegan you’re good!


Being a vegan looks really fun.

I’m sick and tired of PETA always directing their accusations at people. When are they going to demand animals treat us with compassion too???

Eat them? No way…them’s perfectly good smashing pumpkins. You’ve never felt joy until you’ve smashed a pumpkin on the ground.

You guys, vegans have feelings too. They’re the only ones allowed to tell you why your diet is BS.

Sure, you keep telling yourself that and I’ll keep working on my plan to taste every variety of bacon known to man.

Of course, the best part of learning more about vegans is learning more about how to annoy them.


Happy World Vegan Day! Don’t forget to lecture someone about their nutrition ethics.


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