San Francisco's Human Poop Map Shows City Is in Deep Doo-Doo

San Francisco is swiftly moving from one of America’s most beautiful cities to one of America’s most troubled cities. The city struggles with crime and the consequences of illegal immigration after declaring themselves a “sanctuary city”. The transit authorities (BART) recently announced they would stop providing video evidence of violent attacks on public transportation so as not to “bias” citizens against certain ethnic groups.


Most recently, San Francisco has joined Los Angeles and San Diego as three of the major cities that have caused Governor Jerry Brown to declare a state of emergency due to a Hepatitis A epidemic currently brewing in each location.

The outbreak can be directly tied to the homeless problem in California, which is only exacerbated by a constant flow of liberal policies that make removing homeless encampments difficult and even allow for the homeless to set up camp in places like the front lawn of Los Angeles City Hall and other public parks.

San Francisco, in particular, has a problem with the homeless defecating and urinating in public (and private) areas.

Software engineer Jenn Wong decided to start a project she calls Human Wasteland, which maps the city’s poop problem based on 311 calls from 2008-2015. Every call is listed as a poop emoji. The result is an overwhelming indictment of California’s approach to homelessness and lawlessness.


Look at this map and then stop to think about it.


This is a major metropolitan city in the most advanced country on Earth. There is no reason we should have a poop problem so bad that the governor has to declare a state of emergency over a Hep A outbreak.

People pay unfathomable amounts of money to live in San Francisco – they should not be subject to the daily doo-doos of people who pay nothing. 


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