REPEAL: Chicago 'Soda Tax' Fizzles Out


Passed last year as a supposed “measure” against obesity and other health issues, the so-called ‘Chicago Soda Tax’ has officially been repealed. On Wednesday the Cook County board committee voted 15-2 to repeal the tax on sugary beverages and soda after months of complaints from stores and small business owners.


Naturally, the board warns that the repeal will leave a  $200 million budget shortfall.

Chicago-area residents aren’t really buying it after word came that the Cook County board members have been contemplating a vote to raise their own wages (gee, I wonder what the odds are on that passing). When one looks at the salaries of some of these people, it’s very difficult to take their pleas of “budget shortfalls” seriously.

Some board members earn over $150,000 per year in addition to a generous benefits package. In 2015 they voted to increase the salaries of all Cook County employees by 10.75% over five years.

Chicago is already one the most expensive cities in the nation and hemorrhaging  taxpayers fleeing with their paychecks to greener pastures. It isn’t any wonder residents decided to take a stand for one of the few pleasures left in the Windy City.



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