Actress Calls Out TSA Agent for Sexual Harassment...After He Asks for Phone#

You guys, being an American woman in 2017 is totes hard. We’re constantly being harassed by losers and being oppressed and stuff because of our boobs and other lady things.


Just the other day I was walking into a store and a guy in front of me…get this…he opens the door for me! Like I didn’t have two arms of my own! I mean, can you even?? Hey, guy – you hug your mother with those arms? Scum.

A man at work complimented my glasses and I was all, “Would you have said that if I were a man?” and naturally he had no comeback to that smackdown.

It’s like I can’t go anywhere without being assaulted by “well-meaning” men trying to do “nice” things for me and “compliment” me.

Oscar-winning actress Brie Larson gets it. I could barely contain my outrage when I opened Twitter this morning to hear her harrowing tale of sexual aggression and harassment when all she was trying to do was get through the airport. An innocent smile turned into a brush with sexual assault, but the brave millionaire actress didn’t let her fear stop her from speaking out. The world needs to know what it’s really like to be a rich, white woman in America.

Can you believe that? He just asked her for her number, out in the open with no fear of consequence.


I mean, sure…he could have just been trying to ask her out because he thought she was pretty. Or maybe he was planning on using her phone number to track her down, incapacitate her, kidnap her to his cabin in the mountains, force her to dress in his dead mother’s clothes and keep her as his personal breeding machine for two decades.

There’s just no way to know.

What kind of a world do we live in when a beautiful, rich, successful young woman can’t walk the streets without being noticed and admired by horny, hopeful guys?

Ms. Larson has had nothing to say about the leeches and pedophiles she regularly encounters as a working actress. She’s been as quiet as the rest of her colleagues about the recent Harvey Weinstein accusations. However she’s not afraid to take the very risky public position of hating Donald Trump, and she’s not going to stand for any gross, working-class TSA agent who thinks she’s pretty.

Brie Larson may not be the hero we deserve right now, but she’s the hero we need.


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