California is Now Officially a Sanctuary State

There may be no state in the union that hates it’s taxpaying citizens more than the state of California.

Unending, shady tax increases; changing recall rules in the dark of night to prevent voters from ousting representatives who raise fees and taxes; the Governor referring to taxpayers complaining about impromptu tax increases as “freeloaders”; using public funds to establish free legal services for illegal immigrants; releasing violent offenders early from prison under the guise of relieving “overcrowding”; shunning small bushiness owners who complain about the impact unchecked illegal immigration has had on their communities and businesses…the list goes on and on. Every chance the government of the Golden State gets to remind it’s law-abiding taxpayers that they are worthless in the eyes of Sacramento’s ruling class, they take without thought or hesitation.


In yet another move to diminish the value and safety of his own citizens, Governor Jerry Brown has signed Senate Bill 54 into law, officially making California a “sanctuary state”.

The bill is being described by the LA Times as a direct response to President Trump and his stated views on immigration policy.

In a nutshell, SB 54 repeals previous California law that required any suspected illegal alien in the state charged with drug possession or other crimes to be reported to immigration authorities. It also aims to make it more difficult for ICE agents to locate and interview illegal aliens who might be incarcerated or otherwise detained within the California justice system. Under SB 54, ICE will not be notified when illegal aliens arrested and convicted of violent felonies are released from prison. This provision is particularly disturbing in light of Prop 57, which releases violent and non-violent offenders under an umbrella of extremely controversial conditions in order to relieve prison overcrowding.

To recap: California will now openly and brazenly defy federal law in order to protect criminals illegally living in the state. California will then grant many of those criminals early release. California will not even notify federal immigration authorities that said criminal is free and roaming the streets.


Governor Brown is intent on giving President Trump the middle finger at the expense of the Kate Steinles of the state, and other freeloaders who have the audacity to want to feel safe and protected in their own towns and cities.




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