Todd and Sarah Palin's Prom Pics are Adorably 80s

Former vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin and her husband Todd have been together for decades. Since that time the couple has accomplished some pretty amazing things together, including raising a family, the governorship of Alaska and even a reality tv series for themselves and their children.


The high school sweethearts recently celebrated 29 years of marriage and daughter Bristol commemorated the occasion with an adorable Instagram “Then and Now” side-by-side featuring Mrs. and Mrs. Palin at their senior prom in 1982.

Sarah Palin channels her inner “Charlie’s Angels” with a fabulous feather cut and modest red gown. Todd Palin rocks the ruffles. Who could have known all those years ago that this couple was destined for fame…and infamy?

Happy Anniversary to the feather-haired couple, and here’s hoping for many more to come.


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