Gov. Jerry Brown Caught Bullying, Harassing Citizens with 'Goon Squads' to Obstruct Gas Tax Recall Efforts

Calif., Gov. Jerry Brown delivers his annual State of the State address before a joint session of the California Legislature Tuesday, Jan. 24, 2017, in Sacramento, Calif. (AP Photo/Rich Pedroncelli)

Governor Moonbeam Jerry Brown isn’t really known as a politician of “the people”. Last month he became a nationwide disgrace after calling California taxpayers “freeloaders” for being angry about the recent sneak-attack of surprise new taxes (most significantly a .12 cent increase in the gas tax) to the tune of $52 billion.


Angry citizens and activists across the state recently began a recall effort aimed at state senator Josh Newman of the 29th District, who was one of the votes necessary to reach the 2/3 requirement for passing taxes. Newman is a freshman senator and considered the easiest target for a recall just barely scraping out a victory in last year’s election.

*In an infuriating bit of irony, Newman recently begged his district voters not to support a recall effort noting that it would be too expensive and a “waste of money”. 

Now evidence has surfaced that Brown and his minions are purposefully interfering with the recall efforts of the voting public by sending organized groups to harass and bully signature-gatherers (63,500 signatures must be gathered to move forward). They’ve also been encouraging people to call the police and report the gatherers as “harassing” and “over-aggressive”. San Diego talk radio station KOGO reported on the tactics.

Governor Jerry Brown and his political allies are using paid “goon squads” to harass citizens collecting signatures to stop the car and gas tax hikes.

Even worse, the Governor’s team is encouraging individuals to make false reports to local police departments!

The harassment is occurring in Orange County as phase 1 of the campaign to roll back the car and gas tax hikes is already under with the Recall Initiative filed against State Senator Josh Newman – the deciding vote in approving the car and gas tax hikes.

Over 63,500 signatures must be collected within a set time frame in order for the citizens to trigger a special election.

Official state campaign disclosure reports show Governor Brown’s political team has transferred $100,000 in the past week and has hired out-of-state “blockers” to target volunteer signature gatherers.

The blocking tactics include showing up in front of stores where people are gathering signatures and yelling at signature gatherers and anyone who shows interest in signing the petition.

Over Memorial Day weekend, “goon squads” of 6-8 people showed up at each store to square off against signature gatherers standing by themselves in front of the store.


California talk radio giants John and Ken out of Los Angeles and Carl DeMaio out of San Diego have been at the forefront of making the fight against the tax hikes as public as possible and have fielded several callers who claim they were the ones being harassed and intimidated after having the police called out on false accusations against the gatherers.

The recall effort is hoped to be the only one needed to send a “chilling effect” to the state capitol and warn politicians that their jobs are at stake and they are being very closely watched. With Brown leaving office next year it was futile to focus efforts on his removal.

Newman’s recall would break-up the Democrat super-majority and that could be extremely important as single-payer healthcare makes it’s way to the California legislature yet again.


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