CA Democrat Party Chairman Leads "F*** Trump" Chant at Convention [Video]

CA Democrat Party Chairman Leads "F*** Trump" Chant at Convention [Video]

John Burton is the outgoing chairman of the California Democratic Party. At Saturday’s Democratic Party Convention in Sacramento, Burton took the stage one last time to thank party workers, specifically the conference’s translators for the hearing impaired . Instead of letting the translators have their moment to bask in some well-earned gratitude, Burton interrupted the applause to raise his middle finger and lead the room in a vulgar chant.

“F*** Trump!”

In attendance was House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and former Labor Secretary Hilda Solis. The two looked on, smiling and laughing.

The incident isn’t shocking. Democratic Party representatives have been taking on a more vulgar tone since last November. A simple Google search will immediately turn up multiple incidents of party leaders and figure-heads cursing and using blue language (no pun intended) in order to express a more “sincere outrage”, and if we know anything it’s that in 2017 outrage is the new black.

In California it is especially unsurprising given Governor Jerry Brown’s recent description of complaining taxpayers as “freeloaders”. Brown also attacked Californians resisting the new $52 billion in taxes and fees as follower of “liar” Donald Trump.

“They have a president that doesn’t tell the truth and they’re following suit.”

The California Democratic party has been nakedly obvious about their distaste for the unwashed masses of their state and for anyone who doesn’t toe the party line of open borders, high taxes and big government. They are perfectly fine demonizing half of the voters of their state while their partners and the national level work to dig the same divides.

I guess that “we go high” thing was like Hillary’s lead in the polls – temporary and a complete lie.

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