Is Hannity Out at Fox? Rumors Swirling He'll Follow Shine's Abrupt Resignation

The Daily Beast is reporting that inside sources are saying Fox News pundit Sean Hannity may be one of the next casualties in the bloody cuts at the cable news giant.

With O’Reilly’s scandalous exit and the resignation Fox’s co-president Bill Shine, Hannity’s departure would be a sure sign of a majoring restructuring at the network.

Initially, insiders said, Hannity’s army of lawyers had hoped to discuss with Fox ways of protecting his 8-year-old primetime show, amid fears that Lachlan and James Murdoch—fresh off the ousting of Bill O’Reilly—were looking to push the network away from hard-right politics.

However, with Shine’s departure on Monday, one source told The Daily Beast, there’s no reason for Hannity to stay.

“The network now belongs to the Murdoch sons,” another Fox insider said after learning that Shine was gone.

One insider speculates that the negotiations could end this week and Hannity might be out by Friday. Another said his final show could even be tonight or Tuesday evening, given Shine’s Monday resignation.

With the loss of O’Reilly, Shine and now maybe even Hannity along with other major ratings grabbers like Megyn Kelley it is clear that Fox is deliberately changing it’s strategy and culture. The question is, will the fans change with it?


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