Bill Nye Was For Gender Before He Was Against It [video]

Bill Nye is going to save the world. At least that’s what his new Netflix show wants us to believe.

One of the things Nye is going to save the world from is that nasty, destructive belief that male and female are not interchangeable and that only women have vaginas and only men have penises. The fake scientist invited singer/actress Rachel Bloom to his show to perform a rather…interesting musical number about the natural evolution of transgenderism.


‘Sex Junk’ was a mess of a performance centered around the idea that your sex organs are basically garbage and don’t deserve any reverence or care. Use them for whatever! All the cool kids are doing it! Don’t worry that there’s absolutely no science behind it. If feels like it should be right, and what better place for a theory about feelings than a fake science show hosted by a fake scientist.

Nye received his fair share of ridicule for the horrendous performance, but as a proud liberal he doesn’t seem too phased by the reaction of many people who once looked at him as an important figure in children’s education. It seems he’s forgotten that it wasn’t that long ago he was relying on actual science to explain sex and gender.

That’s right. Bill Nye was for gender as a scientific concept before he was against it. Here’s Bill and friends helpfully educating the youth of America about chromosomes, which control “whether you become a boy or a girl.”



Someone call the Human Rights Commission! Science is bigoted!

There is some kind of strange argument floating around the post-science crowd that gender and sex are not the same thing. Gender is a construct and sex is biology. This is literally gobbly-gook. It is totally made up. There is no science, study or research behind such a concept. The concept itself makes no sense. The conflicting rationale is astounding, and the willful ignorance needed to make such an idea true in one’s mind must take an exhausting amount of energy.

But this is the post-science era we live in – where we are asked to believe babies in the womb aren’t babies even though we can clearly peek into the womb with modern technology and see that they indeed are actual human babies. We are asked to believe men can be women because that’s how they feel. We are asked to believe that sexuality is fluid but only one way – if you’re a straight person who becomes gay, that’s fluidity. If you’re a gay person who becomes straight, that’s just a lie. We are asked to believe that the traditional family model is nothing but societal construct and all the proof that it is the most beneficial arrangement to a healthy society is labeled as garbage and propaganda.


Feelings are all the proof anyone on the post-science left needs anymore to make a point.

As a friend told me recently, we now live in a transfactual age.

RIP, reason.


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