How Long Must We #StandWithParis Before They'll Stand For Themselves?

How Long Must We #StandWithParis Before They'll Stand For Themselves?

Terror attacks in Paris kill and injure [varying numbers].

How many times have we seen this headline in one form or another in the past 2 years? It is tragically becoming almost routine. Indeed, even the mayor of London suggested that terror in Europe – once the bastion of freedom and progress – is now just an unfortunate part of European life.

Europe holds a significant place in the minds and hearts of Americans as a sister-continent and the birthplace of what we now know as the American spirit. Our fates and histories are closely tied and have been from the beginning. Paris in particular has deep significance for Americans. Our beloved Statue of Liberty is a gift from the French, France supported our bid for independence in the 1700’s, and Paris became a hub for marginalized black artists in during the tumultuous decades of segregation and Jim Crow.

America is very different from France but Americans have always looked to the nation as a seat of culture and an anchor for their continent.

When a Muslim terrorist ran into a Bastille Day crowd, killing and maiming hundreds we stood with France.

When Muslim terrorists killed hundreds of concert-goers in a horrific jihadist rampage in Paris, we stood with Paris.

When American soldiers foiled a frightening attack by a Muslim terrorist on a train in Paris, we stood with Paris.

When Muslim terrorists coordinated a savage attack on Jewish Parisians in and around a supermarket in 2015, we stood with Paris.

When Muslim terrorists brazenly murdered 17 employees of Charlie Hebdo – a free speech-centric satirical newspaper – we stood with Paris.

We changed our profiles to French flags. We used our hashtags.




With the most recent assassination of a French police officer and wounding of one more by yet another Muslim terrorist it has become beyond clear that Europe has a terror problem. France is bearing the brunt of that problem and Paris is nearly lost to the grips of an immigration policy that requires no assimilation or civic education of immigrants streaming in from countries that have institutionalized misogyny, racism, homophobia and intolerance. Men and women with no concept of or predilection towards diversity and freedom are being thrust upon the citizens of Paris and expected to automatically and immediately adopt the traditional Parisian values of openness, tolerance and equality.

Of course, they do not.

Brexit voters and supporters have been roundly scorned and ridiculed by left-wing media and thoughtless headline readers (people who never read beyond the clickbait headlines) as racists and bigots, and yet every time an attack in one of the world’s most beautiful cities occurs not one of those people actually stops to consider that perhaps a little common sense is in order here, a little self-reflection, a tiny sliver of consideration.

Is it racist to fear being run over by a Jihadist creep on a beloved holiday in an open market? Is it racist to wonder if an open border policy that requires nothing of immigrants from vastly different cultures might invite danger? Is it racist to resent politicians who have sworn to protect the best interests of your nation and then instruct you to just get used to the new normal of terrorism?

People are frightened and the political, elitist class is still worrying about being called bigots.

Paris, we have a problem.

Hashtags and profile pictures are a fine show of support but they do not replace action, and at some point they become so overused that they are truly meaningless. We are surely at this point.

Who would have ever thought even just 20 years ago that in America and Paris Muslim terrorism would become a routine part of life? And yet here we are, and those of us who dare to suggest we take a step back and look at the rising issue of the compatibility of Islam with freedom and terror on our shores are mocked and dismissed.

But there is real concern; deadly serious concern and it can no longer be ignored and pushed aside as some form of lingering, insidious racism.

Paris used to be a city of freedom. Black American authors like James Baldwin and Langston Hughes found refuge in the City of Lights when they could not in their own homeland. Free thought and free expression were celebrated. Now it is just the opposite. One of the world’s most beautiful cities has now become a home to dark symbols of oppression – the burka, Sharia law, no-go zones, Jihadist murder sprees, anti-Semitism. It is no longer a place to find peace. It is a city of the sword.

#StandWithParis? If Paris and her homeland have not the courage and intelligence to stand for themselves, then our energy is wasted. It is nothing but feel-good nonsense devised to make us feel like we’re doing something when in reality we are doing nothing…and ‘nothing’ is exactly what Parisians and the French are doing for their own citizens at this point.

If Paris refuses to summon the dignity to put their foot down in the face of this grave threat, it is neither our duty nor in our best interest to continue to support their ignorance.

Stand for yourselves, or die by the sword.

Sadly, it seems Paris is choosing the latter.

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