April 4th is a 'National Day of Protest'....Again

April 4th is a 'National Day of Protest'....Again

Have you ever said to yourself, “Whatever happened to the good ol’ days of constant protesting and marching?”

Have you recently found yourself telling a friend or co-worker that what Trump’s America needs more of is broad, vague protesting?

Is the thought of going a week without stories about blocked traffic and mass vandalism giving you the sads?

Well fret no more. April 4th is The National Day of Protest…again.

Fight for Fifteen describes themselves as an “international movement of underpaid workers taking a stand against poverty wages. We are winning, join us.”

Sounds lucrative.

On April 4th they’ll be leading what they call a National Day of Protest.

As Dr. King said, “white supremacy and corporate greed have always been linked in America,” and right now Republican leaders across the country are pushing radical laws to crack down on protest movements. They’re working to block cities from raising wages. They’re trying to tear up the Voting Rights Act and keep us from the polls while they demonize and deport our neighbors.

Now, more than ever, we have to band together as a movement for fair pay, as a movement for black lives, as a movement for immigrant rights, and as a movement – above all – for justice.

If you spend your days worrying about evil, puppy-killing, candy-stealing Republicans who would like nothing more than to see anyone who isn’t white and old and male lose their right to vote, April 4th is your day!

Rise up against racism sexism homophobia xenophobia poverty Republicans low wages things.

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