#DayWithoutAWoman Reaches Peak 'One Percenter' Privilege

As many of you know by now The Women’s March™ got so excited after thousands of women marched for extremely vague reasons that they decided to go all in on the activism and launch a #DayWithoutWomen protest. What will happen on that day, you ask? Well, this Wednesday rich and upper middle class women  women from all walks of life are invited to:

  1. Take the day off, from paid and unpaid labor
  2. Avoid shopping for one day (with exceptions for small, women- and minority-owned businesses).
  3. Wear RED in solidarity with A Day Without A Woman

Take a day off from paid and unpaid labor?

Sure, I get it. The patriarchy needs to know we’re important to their lives, but I’m important to my own life. I have goals and deadlines and responsibilities. Do they disappear for a day while I throw a twitter-tantrum?

And who exactly are we aiming this protest toward? Trump?  We should all know by now that this man couldn’t give a flying #fakenews about protests or complaining or anything in between. Do we think he’ll suddenly say “Oh gee, all the women in America disappeared for 24 hours. Guess I should resign!”? Chances are he won’t even notice because women working in the White House do serious jobs that call for serious people. Any woman who would strike from a coveted, national position of influence is not a serious person.

Is this protest aimed our children? Because my daughter’s school play is on Wednesday and my son has a school practice for his once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to sing with his choir in Paris next month. Am I expected to disappoint them so mommy can take a day off to protest for…whatever the hell we’re protesting for? What choices have they made in this matter? How am I supporting their future by completely removing myself from their lives for a day? My job is motherhood. There are no days off, only downtime which is precious and hard to come by.


Already we’ve heard reports of school districts being forced to shut down learning for the day in order to accommodate protesting teachers. I’m sure all the single mothers who are scrambling to find last minute, extremely pricy childcare are really inspired. Also, apparently that childcare is only meant to be offered by all male daycare centers as all the women are supposed to be striking. Yeah…good luck with that.

Perhaps the most ridiculous part of this whole circus is the absolutely tone-deaf notion that the very women the Women’s March broads claim to represent don’t have the luxury of taking a day off work. All we hear all day every day is that defunding Planned Parenthood (which Trump has said he supports) will affect poor women, young women, needy women. Now they want those very women to sacrifice a vital day of pay/education/work? For many American women the loss of a day’s wages is unrecoverable. This march is clearly organized by women who have absolutely no understanding of what it is like to live hand-to-mouth every single day.

Even more ridiculous, #DayWithoutWomen wants you to avoid shopping…except at businesses and establishments owned by women and minorities. But aren’t those women supposed to be taking the day off? Who is supposed to be working and who is supposed to be striking? And what if those minority business owners supported Trump? Are we allowed to shop there then?


It seems no one has really thought out the mechanics of this whole thing.


My mother always told me never to ask a question you didn’t really want the answer to. Women who are appreciated and valued in their relationships, communities and workplaces don’t need to go on a “general strike” to prove their worth. They are already appreciated by the men in their lives every day and inherently understand the importance of their gender to society. Women who think they need to prove to men they are needed might well find themselves disappointed to discover they’re not really needed that much at all. Some of them might not missed and that’s the brutal truth.

A better way to prove our value to others (if that indeed is what all this is about…who even knows???) is to show our sons and daughters that women work in all kinds of ways, all walks of life, and all kinds of circumstances. We don’t whine and get hysterical about the results of a 4-8 year election cycle in a country that is the freest and most prosperous land in the entire world for women and men. We don’t put our ingratitude for the blessings of this life and this comfortable existence on display for our children. We remind them that every day here is a gift, and that just by virtue of being a citizen in this fair country we are already 5 steps ahead of everyone else on earth.

We are not oppressed, we are blessed.

If you’re interested in making yourself heard over the din of angry modern feminist tantrums I invite you to join me in a counter-tweet campaign inspired by New Wave Feminists – a pro-life group that looks to change the modern definition of feminism while standing up for the right to life and liberty.


On Wednesday we will tweet about why #WomenWork.


Send out a picture of yourself at work, at home, or just doing whatever you do during the day-to-day of your important life and remind our sisters on the left why a strong woman fulfills her obligations and promises. She doesn’t abandon them to make vague pronouncements that are nothing more than glorified fundraisers for professional agitators.

The modern feminist movement is woefully, sinfully, tragically out of touch with the everyday woman in America. Their clueless protest movement is a vivid reminder of why this country overwhelmingly rejected the Democrat candidate and agenda in November. #DayWithoutWomen has reached peak 1%-er privilege and it isn’t pretty.


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