"You Can't Lynch a Person Who is Armed" - The Inherent Racism of Gun Control

Dana Loesch’s show on NRATV, “The DL” provides weekly commentary and investigations on the subject of our 2nd Amendment rights. As a fellow 2A advocate for the empowerment of women and minorities, I enjoy and recommend Loesch’s expert take on why the 2nd Amendment is vital to all Americans and unique to our brand of freedom.


Too few people understand blatantly racist history of gun control. Even fewer people understand that gun control today has the very same goals as it did in post-Civl War America – to deny black Americans the ability to defend themselves against violence and oppression.

This week, Loesch gives us the “down low” on the history of the gun control’s racist origins and how it was used to deny free black Americans the weapons needed to protect themselves against America’s first domestic terrorist organization, the Ku Klux Clan. In the era of Black Lives Matter™ we are constantly having discussions about systemic racism and the nefarious intentions of police departments around the country towards black America. At the same time we are being told black people must give up their weapons and the right to legally own those weapons as a solution to gun violence while at the same time weakening our ability to repel violence against ourselves.

If you are skeptical or have skeptical friends, watch and share this video that includes moving, intelligent commentary from black and white Americans alike, and detailed description of the history of gun control in America. See black activists like Colin Noir and Stacy Washington talk about the “Black Codes” and the “Saturday Night Special” among other blatantly racist initiatives against black ownership.


If you are a friend of justice, you should be a friend of the 2nd Amendment too.

I can’t think of a more simplistic idea than ‘how do you terrorize a group of people who are armed’? – Colin Noir, NRATV


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