Lee Strobel's "The Case for Christ" Gets the Big Screen Treatment

As a young investigative journalist, Lee Strobel was used to following the clues. He had a unique understanding of the burden of good evidence and how it supports the truth of what might otherwise a mystery. Strobel’s wife became a “born-again” Christian early in their marriage, a fact he struggled with. As an avowed atheist, Strobel disapproved of his wife’s conversion and resented the amount of time and attention she was spending on her new faith.


In an effort to channel his anger, the Chicago Tribune reporter decided to set out to disprove the Gospel of Jesus Christ and marshaled his considerable experience in investigative journalism to do so. What he found instead was a trail of clues that would lead him to the greatest discovery of his life.

Strobel went on to detail his story in his bestseller “The Case for Christ“. The book has since been made into a documentary, but now the true story will get the big screen treatment, joining a slew of mainstream, faith-based films released in the last few years.

The trailer certainly makes for a dramatic teaser. If the movie is half as compelling as Strobel’s book and subsequent documentary, it stands to make a decent take at the box office.

“The Case for Christ” will be in theaters in April and stars Erika Christenson, Mike Vogel, Faye Dunaway and Robert Foster.

“The empty tomb is based on evidence, and isn’t evidence your trade?” – The Case for Christ


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