Watch British PM Theresa May Drop the Mic on Parliament Trump Opponents

Today in all-Trump-all-the-time news, the British Parliament is currently engaged in a battle of wills regarding legitimizing relations with President Donald Trump. Before CEO Trump was President Trump, the U.K. had been involved in fierce discussion about allowing him into the country for speaking events, saying he was divisive, xenophobic and racist.


Now that he’s the President, Labour Party leaders are calling for a reconsideration of a “Trump Ban” and bringing it to the floor of their House of Commons.

Labour leader Mr Corbyn said the US president has “torn up” international agreements on refugees, praised the use of torture, “incited hatred” against Muslims and “directly attacked” women’s rights.

Prime Minister Theresa May was having none of it, reminding her opponents that Donald Trump is the democratically elected leader of Britain’s closest ally. It would be madness to consider barring the leader of the free world from lawfully entering their country.

Watch Theresa May respond to opposition member Jeremy Corbyn.

“He can lead a protest. I’m leading a country.”

Someone call in the AV crew to clean up, because Prime Minister May just dropped the mic so hard Corbyn’s ears will be ringing for a week.



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