Pro-Choicer Reaction to Planned Parenthood Debate Definitively Proves They Don't Need Our Tax Dollars

Yesterday Redstate reporter Susan Wright posted a must-read article about Chili’s franchises in Kentucky and Indiana that ran a promotion in support of Planned Parenthood(PP). A portion of a patron’s purchase (alliteration for the win!) would be donated to the nation’s largest abortion provider in protest of President Trump’s recent executive actions on the Mexico City policy and claims that he’ll work to remove Planned Parenthood from the federal budget.


The corporate headquarters eventually issued an apology and directed the franchises to discontinue the promotion but the damage is already done. The savory stunt has already left a bad taste in the mouths of pro-life America.

The Chili’s stunt isn’t the only of its type since the election of Donald Trump. Activist groups have been running fundraising campaigns for PP, urging donors to dedicate their gifts in the name of Vice-President Mike Pence and the president himself. Partners of the recent nationwide Women’s March sold “pu**y hats”, claiming all funds raised would go to PP. Small businesses and celebrities alike have also come forward to raise money in “protest” of the Trump administration.

The spirit of the campaign is spite, but the results make an unassailable point that certainly does not line up with the intentions – Planned Parenthood does not need our tax dollars.

It is especially funny to think that these people imagine Mr. Pence and Mr. Trump sitting in the cafeteria together crying over their string bean casserole about how those “mean old pro-choice people won’t stop giving PP money!” I know neither man at all but I feel confident in saying they are almost certainly not doing that. In fact, I’d venture to say they probably couldn’t care any less.


Besides the fact that these men are busy undoing the bureaucratic knots of the last 8 years (and maybe creating more of their own), I can only imagine that at most they are pleased that PP supporters are proving the assertion that the PP doesn’t need public funds to operate. They are clearly very well supported. Hundreds of thousands of women came out for the march and bought hats, left donations and started up their own PP fundraising campaigns.

The celebrity class hasn’t been this unified behind a charitable cause since George Bush directed his weather machine to destroy New Orleans with Hurricane Katrina. Post after post, video after video is directed at millions of adoring fans imploring them to lend their financial support to the cause.

Planned Parenthood has raked in millions in donations since the November elections. It is crystal clear there is no longer any reason to allow them to keep sucking from the government teat. They don’t need us anymore. They’re all growed up now!

I hate to break it to those of you who have donated to PP in last few months to spite Trump, but there isn’t a pro-lifer among us who is angered or irked about it. We love it and encourage you to continue to give freely of your own earnings. Welcome to the free market, kids!


The point that Trump and those of us on the side of life are constantly making about PP isn’t that the government needs to forcibly shut it down. Abortion is legal in this country. If Roe V. Wade were by some utter miracle to be overturned even that wouldn’t end the abortion industry. It would simply send the issue back to each individual state to decide for themselves.

And that is all we want. For all of us to just be able to decide for ourselves where our money goes. If we can’t come to an agreement on abortion we should at least be able to come to an agreement on who pays for abortion, in the spirit of compromise.

For the pro-choice lobby, however “you make your own choice and I’ll make mine” only applies to the life of a baby in the womb, but never to your wallet.


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