Keepin' it Classy: Wonkette & HuffPo Ask Readers to Send "P***y Pops" to Trump Tower

Keepin' it Classy: Wonkette & HuffPo Ask Readers to Send "P***y Pops" to Trump Tower

Wonkette has long been considered a bastion of class and etiquette, and by “long” I mean “never.” Like every other obtuse, clueless “progressive” media outlet they’ve been throwing non-stop tantrums since Trump’s election. The most pathetic part of all the panty-waisted handwringing is their stupid ideas about what would hurt or annoy President-elect Trump and his team.

In Washington D.C. Mike Pence’s neighbors began hanging up rainbow flags and feminist groups organized campaigns to make donations to Planned Parenthood in Pence’s name. The hilarious irony of the far-left making private donations to a group that Pence has said shouldn’t be dependent on public funds is whole other post for another day. These people seem to think that Pence and Trump are sitting around weeping about all the mean gay and pro-abortion people who don’t like them.

Now Wonkette has latched onto yet another brilliant protest idea – p***y pops. The site first discovered the vagina-shaped lollipops at Huffington Post.

Well, just before Christmas, the Huffington Post reported on a new project where, for the low, low price of $3.99, you can have P***Y ON A STICK mailed to Trump Tower, anonymously of course! Now, before you get all kinds of weird dancing sugarplum visions in your head of precisely what P***Y ON A STICK looks like, you should understand that they are lollipops, as pictured above. So if Trump tries to grab the p***y by the p***y, his hands will get sticky.

The poonanny pops were developed by an “LGBT high school couple” …….


…who claim they will send  50% of their proceeds to Planned Parenthood. Each order of the coochie candy will be sent directly to Trump Tower.


They know Donald Trump will never actually see these things, right? Traditionally the President doesn’t open his own mail, but it’s not surprising that the shrill shrews at Wonkette and HuffPo don’t have any idea what the President actually does and doesn’t do.

Hint: He’s not a magician who can magically make the constitution disappear.

I personally encourage every whiny lunatic on the far left to support this business. I hope those two high schoolers make tons of money and get a good lesson in taxes and paying their “fair share.” I hope they earn a boatload of money for Planned Parenthood to further drive home the point that the abortion provider will be just fine without our tax dollars.

It’s going to be a long four years for these people.


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