Creator of 'Full House' Buys the Real San Francisco "Full House"

For millions of Americans and sitcom fans across the world the image that pops up when they hear “San Francisco” is the house from the beloved, long-running family comedy “Full House.”


When the Tanner’s tv home at 1709 Broderick Street hit the market for $4.15 million last spring, the show’s creator Jeff Franklin knew he had put in a bid. In an exclusive telephone interview Franklin told the Hollywood Reporter that as soon as he saw the home was for sale he was sure he had to have it.

“The house came on the market and really, I just thought, I have to buy this house…I’m so sentimental about the house. It’s great to have the house in our Full House family and be able to preserve it for the fans. … Seriously, I love owning this house.”

The house was built in 1883 and to this day is a magnet for tourist fans of ‘Full House.’ Franklin says he plans to renovate the home to match the interior of the Tanner home. He also told the Hollywood Reporter more about his future plans for the iconic house.

  • The previous owners painted the show’s signature red door a sea-foam green. The first thing Franklin did was repaint it red.
  • The red door will be removed for protection during renovations but don’t worry, it will be back.
  • Franklin originally picked the home for exterior’s because it “jumped out” at him.
  • He paid $500 to do an extensive series of shots to cover every time of day and lighting situation.
  • When his crew tried to return years later for more shots they were turned away. The owners had grown increasingly irritated with the constant flow of fans flocking to the home for photos. No one has been allowed to take more stock footage of the home for 29 years. Franklin plans to change that.“Our audience has watched the same cars drive by that house now for 29 years. It’s going to be really nice to see some new cars drive by the house.”
  • If the ‘Fuller House’ reboot is renewed for a third season on Netflix, the new owner hopes to make the house a part of the series. “We would take advantage of the fact that I now own the house, and we could go up there and shoot some new footage and maybe bring the cast up and shoot with them up there.”
  • He hopes to have a reunion sleepover for the show’s 30th anniversary. “That will be around the time that all of my construction will be done, so I hope to bring the cast up to the house and have a big slumber party here so people can drive by and actually see the Tanner family living there for one whole day. That would be pretty fun.” 
  • Franklin plans to rent the home to fans in the future. “It’s a shame to let it sit empty. I will be renting it out, but I’m not sure yet what, where, when or how. At some point soon I will figure that out.”

Many thanks to the Hollywood Reporter grabbing this interview. We can’t wait for the Redstate retreat at the Tanner home!


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