BREAKING: Ben Carson Turns Down Position in Trump Cabinet

The website Circa claimed Tuesday morning that Dr. Ben Carson has been offered a position in the Trump administration in the Health and Human Services Department but has reportedly turned it down.


Raffi Williams spoke directly with Carson’s business manager Armstrong Williams (no relation).

According to Dr. Ben Carson’s business manager Armstrong Williams, Dr. Ben Carson will not serve in President-elect Donald Trump’s administration, a separate source confirmed that Carson was being offered a position as Secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS).

Williams told Circa that Dr. Carson thinks he can, “best serve the President outside the administration.”

Not many more details are available at time of publication, however the author himself – Raffi Williams – is someone considered to be in Carson’s inner circle. The former GOP communications director is the son of Fox News’ Juan Williams, who is best friends with the aforementioned Armstrong Williams. Armstrong Williams is not only Carson’s business manager, but business partners. The two have in the past produced an online magazine called American Currentsee, a magazine this Redstate contributor has worked for in the past (with much pleasure; it was a great experience).


Some people are enjoying irony of the good Doctor turning down a position in the administration due to “inexperience.”



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