A Trump Win Will Be Terrible for the GOP; So Will a Loss

The GOP deserves everything that is happening to them. They deserve this chaos and party unrest. It has been a long time coming. It seemed like the tea party era was the height of it all, but after sweeping the GOP into power in not one, but two historic midterm elections that have resulted in exactly zero net gains for Republican values that peak was extended.

Donald Trump is the peak.

GOP leaders in the party and in Congress: you only have yourselves to blame. You are an embarrassment. You have abandoned the people of your party over and over again, and now they are abandoning you. What is truly amusing is that the abandonment doesn’t just come in one form. Trump is the abandonment. He’s the middle finger to you feckless fools.

The abandonment is also literal, with many people having already left the party that was so irresponsible with their mandate that they ended up creating Donald Trump.

It is that bad.

You guys are screwed and you deserve it. The American people begged you to stop Obamacare. We all saw what was coming and we wanted no part of it. We sent you there to obliterate it and instead in 2016 tens of thousands more Americans are without insurance because they can’t afford it. They’re also paying a fee for something they can’t afford. It is a gross injustice that can only be ignored by those who have the luxury of not being forced to participate in such a fraud. Conveniently, that’s you.

If Donald Trump wins today the GOP will be saddled with his version of Republicanism for at least four years and who knows how long beyond that? If Trump loses today the GOP will have relinquished the White House for another four years while at the same time destroying the base they need to win in 2020.

Both scenarios are fine with me. I’m disgusted with this party and these elections. I’m disillusioned. You could have done something, anything in the years you’ve controlled the house. You’ve done nothing.

I hope this party goes down in flames. Maybe something good will rise from ashes.

I don’t need any lectures about how Trump could win if only “you would do this or say that, or be more supportive, or press the media to be more honest, or talk more about Hillary or blah blah blah.” That’s BS. This mess isn’t my fault and it isn’t even Trump’s fault. It belongs to the GOP 150%. It was their job to make the case for republicanism. It was their job to make the case against Obamacare and oppressive taxation and and overreaching judiciary. It was their job to prove to the American people that they are capable of improving conditions for the working class in this country.

They didn’t do it and Trump is the revenge.

Win or lose: either way the GOP deserves to burn.

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