Philly Poll Watcher Says She Personally Witnessed Voter Fraud

A Republican poll worker named Brittany Foreman posted a video earlier today saying she personally witnessed voter fraud at her polling place in Philadelphia. She quickly called her father (a ward leader) who told her to report the incident to the Pennsylvania GOP Chairman. She then tweeted a video to explain what she saw at the 52nd ward 15th division polling location.


Foreman claims she saw Democratic committeeman John Bush “assisting people on voting”, even though she was confident he was not allowed to do so.


“I was told by the assistant ward leader that he was not supposed to be in the room. He wasn’t supposed to be helping people vote and he was. Not only was he helping people vote, he was also giving out literature—Democratic literature in the polling place.”

“I then called my father who was the ward leader. He instructed me to call the number like [Pennsylvania GOP Chairman] Joe Defelice had told me during training and that’s what I did. As soon as the people came to question [Bush] on what he was doing, he and Miss Louise and the judge in the 19th division came up with a poll watching certificate.”

“I believe that they’re doing this so everybody will vote Democrat.”




Anecdotally, I have had something similar happen in the past when I voted in the Democrat stronghold of Gary, IN in 2000. When the voting machines broke the poll volunteers passed out manual ballots and then instructed every person individually (as they passed out the ballots) how to vote the straight Democrat ticket.

This is not beyond the realm of possibility.


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