This Kim Kardashian Costume Was Deemed So Outrageous the Company Had to Ban It

Nothing seems too outrageous for the Kardashian Klan. After all, the reality tv family empire all began because Kim let washed B-list hip hop artist Ray J (brother to Brandy, for any of you who watched tv or listened to hip hop in the 90s) pee on her, have sex with her and film it all. Rumor has it momager Kris Jenner was the one who leaked the tape and the rest is history.


The Kardashians know how to keep their name in the public. Kim’s brand is getting naked and pimping expensive stuff. Her sisters are a reality tv and Instagram staple, her stepdad is now her former stepmom, and her husband is Kanye West – a man who often refers to himself as the modern-day hip hop Jesus.

Nothing seems to crazy in the kosmos of the Kardashians, but when Kim was bound, gagged and robbed in her Paris hotel room earlier this month a new level of krazy kalled on the Kardashians. There are all kinds of rumors floating around that it was a set-up and that’s not hard to believe although nothing’s been confirmed.

One costume company decided to take a page out of the Kardashian playbook and exploit some of their kraziness for kash.

Costumeish decided it would be funny to sell a “Kim K bound and gagged” costume for this Halloween. It immediately drew such a backlash that owner Johnathon Weeks was forced to take the costume out off the website. It is no longer being sold.



I think all of it is tasteless, and exploits the traumatic events in a human being’s life for money.

And so is this costume. But I guess if “exploitation” is your brand, you kind of have to reap what you sow.

I have a feeling that thought this costume is no longer on the market a lot of homemade “Kim K bound and gagged” costumes are going to pop up this Halloween.



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