Comedian/Ventriloquist Jeff Dunham and 'Friends' Explain Why They Don't Make Fun of Hillary

Photo: YouTube screen cap

If you’re not a fan you might not expect a performer like Jeff Dunham to delve into politics. Ventriloquism is quite impressive when done correctly but still not considered a very mainstream form of entertainment.


However Dunham – an experienced comedian – can get quite dark on occasion, even though he’s the “puppet guy.” Check out Dunham’s latest video – a PSA in which he answers the pressing question from Trump fans across the nation:

Why don’t you ever make fun of Hillary?

Dunham’s “friends” talk about why they don’t, won’t and can’t make fun of Hillary.

TRIGGER WARNING: This video does contain actual triggers attached to actual guns and violence is depicted. If you feel microaggressed in any way please hurry to the nearest safe space where a Redstate representative will be waiting with blankies, pacifiers and hot chocolate.



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