The Left Is Exhibiting Some "Brave" New Sexism Following Their Midterm House Gains

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the winner of a Democratic Congressional primary in New York, greets a passerby in New York, Wednesday, June 27, 2018, the morning after she upset U.S. Rep. Joe Crowley in Tuesday’s primary election. | Mark Lennihan, The Associated Press

Leftists and their counterparts love to apply the rules to all but their own.

Upon taking control of the House of Representatives following the midterm elections last week, Democrats rejoiced in how many women would be joining their new colleagues in D.C. While there is absolutely nothing wrong with adding more females to the United States Congress, the Left did what they usually do and focused on just the gains made by females of the Democratic persuasion.


Republican victories by females in U.S. House, U.S. Senate, and gubernatorial races nationwide were forgotten. Why? Because to the Left, only superficial diversity matters. From their perspective, ideological diversity, even if it means more women across the aisle, isn’t something to be praised.

The best part of all is the full-blown misandry on display that says women should be granted power only because they are women. Last time I checked, the idea that one gender is superior to the other simply because of biology is nothing but sexism.

Mark Hamill of Star Wars fame is just one example of this attitude.


Let women take charge just because they’re…women? Imagine the same being said of men? You wouldn’t hear the end of it.

As a female, the mindset that says I am only worth something because of my body parts is patently offensive. Instead of a truly equal approach wherein experience, knowledge, policy positions, and ability are measured against an opponent, only physical characteristics matter. How is that progress? News flash: it isn’t.

Then again, the Left can get away with such things. Somehow, by reducing me and other biological females to nothing more than our physical forms, they’re beating back misogyny. Or something.

Another common myth among this set is that women are more prone to compromise, pure of heart and motive, and not bogged down by the trappings of cheating, scandal, lying, backroom dealing, and other “hobbies” some politicians like to engage in during their time in office. There is nothing more absurd. Women in (and out of) power are just as capable of being despicable creatures as men. Humans share a penchant for sin and biology doesn’t make one less likely to make the wrong choice.


It’s safe to say that this push for more females in office – just because – will continue. To the Left, it’s not equality of opportunity but equality of outcome.

Meanwhile, they’ll claim sexism from everyone else while engaging in it all along.

Kimberly Ross is a senior contributor at RedState and a contributor to the Washington Examiner’s Beltway Confidential blog. Follow her on Twitter and Facebook. 


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