Here Is How Desperate the Left Is Becoming As We Near a Justice Kavanaugh Reality

On Tuesday, after a long holiday weekend, Judge Brett Kavanaugh will begin his confirmation hearings.

Naturally, this means the end of the world. As some Yale Law kids said, “…people will die if he is confirmed.” At the very least, his inclusion on the high court would mean the oppression of women, restricted voting rights, especially for people of color, an increase in freedoms for filthy gun owners, and probably the removal of contraception from pharmacy shelves nationwide.


This is just some of the hysteria that has been floating around.

While extreme warnings like those mentioned above are regularly repeated, the Left has also taken a much more toned down, but no less absurd, direction in the days leading up to the scheduled doom.

Here are two examples.

Brett Kavanaugh Likes Basketball and Socializing

Last week, the AP published a story discussing Kavanaugh’s penchant for something other than deep debate during his time at Yale Law. What’s this horror, you say? He loved to play basketball.

Clearly, the interest in being on a court that didn’t issue rulings is a problem for some who are looking for the smallest fragment of concern.

It was the 1980s at Yale University, and Brett Kavanaugh’s classmates were protesting South Africa’s apartheid system, rallying for gay rights and backing dining hall workers in a labor dispute.

But friends and acquaintances say the future Supreme Court nominee seemed more interested in battles on the basketball court than politically charged debates.


What a monster.

…Kavanaugh’s Yale experience wasn’t entirely typical.

He pledged a party-hearty — for Yale — fraternity at a time when Greek life was minimal there; a resurgence would kindle campus debate during his undergraduate years. He also joined an all-male “senior society,” a campus group that selects a handful of students each year for private socializing.

Fraternity fun? Groups with only men? Make that a misogynistic monster.

The “article” goes on to comment further about his social and athletic experiences on campus and gives the impression that no one ever imagined he’d be a Supreme Court nominee one day.

The second example is an attempt at a much more substantive red flag.

Brett Kavanaugh’s Former Mentor Has Been Accused of Inappropriate Behavior

A few days ago over at ABC News, a story was published entitled Kavanaugh’s ties to disgraced mentor loom over confirmation. You may not have heard of this threatening shadow that is supposedly leering rather conspicuously over the upcoming proceedings. I was certainly in the dark about it before ABC News was, uh, kind enough to bring all of it up.

The piece discusses Judge Alex Kozinski, formerly of the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in California. Last December, Kozinski retired from the appeals court because of sexual misconduct allegations.


…several female former law clerks and colleagues accused him of sexual misconduct that included touching, inappropriate sexual comments and forced viewings of pornography in his chambers. The case has prompted the federal courts to examine how to better protect law clerks from harassment by powerful judges who can make or break their careers.

Should this retired judge be held accountable for his gross behavior? Absolutely. Is any of it connected to Kavanaugh, who Kozinski had mentored and formed a friendship with over the years? Let’s dig much deeper into the article.

So far, no evidence has surfaced to suggest that Kavanaugh had any knowledge of Kozinski’s alleged misconduct, which included one groping accusation from 1986 and many more claims of inappropriate behavior in recent years.

The “no evidence” statement was buried more than several paragraphs into the piece. Just the suggestion that a man like Kavanaugh, who apparently hates women, would be friends with someone who independently committed these unwanted sexual acts is enough to satisfy the judge’s haters.

It’s all so repulsive.

Since President Trump nominated Judge Kavanaugh, the onslaught has been intense. There are many pictures of handmaids in their costumes, pleas from abortion lovers about how a Kavanaugh court would bring an end to female freedom, and many other nonsensical reactions to the news.


Meanwhile, the Judiciary Committee has reviewed more documents for this nominee than what was submitted for Gorsuch and Kagan. His record is solid and the process has been transparent.

But instead of focusing on substance there are insignificant and unsubstantiated matters to discuss. Leftism as its best, I suppose.

On Tuesday, get ready to see all the hysteria live. That is, if the world doesn’t end.

Kimberly Ross is a senior contributor at RedState and a contributor to the Washington Examiner’s Beltway Confidential blog. Follow her on Twitter and Facebook.


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