Planned Parenthood Unironically Praises Their "Commitment" to Mothers...and Children

If there’s one thing you can always count on the nation’s largest abortion provider to display, it’s an overblown sense of worth.

As we all know, Planned Parenthood labels itself as one of the country’s preeminent providers of women’s health services. Of course, a huge part of their business (more than the 3% they claim) involves ending hundreds of thousands of unborn lives in their clinics each year.


You don’t have to be a genius to recognize that this is neither health nor care.

The actual truth doesn’t stop them, though. They’re always eager to convince us that they are an integral part of American life.

On Mother’s Day, the holiday set aside to honor and thank those females who birthed or adopted and cared for us, Planned Parenthood chose to pat itself on the back for all they do. For mothers. And…children.

Uh, what?

Healthy lives? Raise children in peace? Yes, and Dr. Mengele had a charming bedside manner.

Nothing says “health” and “peace” like selecting unique individuals for destruction simply because they dare to exist at an inopportune time. They are not cancerous tissues needing to be excised. They are not parasites. They are human beings – persons – with inherent worth and unique DNA. But to Planned Parenthood, they are moneymakers.


According to their latest annual report, 321,384 unborn individuals were killed at their clinics in the last year. So, what was that again about being committed to mothers and children? Stating something doesn’t make it automatically true if the facts don’t line up, handmaids.

What Planned Parenthood actually means is that they are committed to interrupting life as it naturally occurs in the womb. They are deeply invested in lying to women, many of whom are desperate and scared and looking for some sort of option as they face an unplanned pregnancy. PP is more than willing to swoop in and “care” for these women. They do so by directing them to a sterile room where their legs will be spread and an abortionist will forcibly and violently remove the growing, developing, unique life safely inhabiting their womb.

Would you prefer a medication abortion where you pass the “tissue” at home in your cluttered bathroom? How about injecting digoxin into the baby’s beating heart to stop it? Perhaps a suction machine to vacuum out the unwanted human body? Discard it in a medical waste bin, and all is done.


This is their commitment. 

It is difficult for Planned Parenthood to get around those of us who are passionate about sharing the truth of abortion and the industry. But to those who actually believe PP exists for the good of women and children, the lies appear as truth.

Yet another reason to counter Planned Parenthood’s feel-good sermons with fact. No one else is going to speak up for the unborn dead.

The views expressed here are those of the author and do not represent those of any other individual or entity. Follow Kimberly Ross on Twitter: @southernkeeks.


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