RESIST! Democrats Continue Their Hysterical March Toward Midterms

Members of Resist, a foundation that supports people's movements for justice and liberation. protest President Donald Trump and other politicians as they march during the New York City Pride Parade on Sunday, June 25, 2017 in New York. (AP Photo/Michael Noble Jr.)

In this midterm election year, the Democrats are showing themselves to be a hot mess.

On November 8, 2016, the woman who had spent her whole adult life reaching for the presidency failed in spectacular fashion. Remember, she wasn’t supposed to lose. It was her year. Her time.


“Finally, a woman president!” Or so they all thought.

While Republicans have certainly had an, uh, interesting, often contentious time since that election night, it has been nothing compared to the hysteria coming from the Left.

They call themselves The Resistance. They wear pu**y hats. They view everything coming from the White House through apocalyptic lenses. There is no room for rational observation; all must be extreme. While this would certainly be an exhausting way to proceed through life, it is the normal mode for those who are still reeling from Hillary’s loss and utterly consumed with apprehension as they look toward the near future.

As Iraq war veteran Jesse Kelly said on Twitter, “All Democrats have to do is not be insane. And they can’t do it.”

And we’ve seen more than one example of recently.

Last Saturday, youth and adults around the nation gathered for the March for Our Lives. The hundreds of thousands assembled in D.C. listened to speeches from impassioned teenagers whose own experiences during the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School had started a movement. While peaceful protesting is the right of every American, this one was solely about reducing Americans’ access to guns, as if the weapon was the actual problem on that fateful February day.

On Tuesday, former Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens published an op-ed in The New York Times calling for full repeal of the Second Amendment. Stevens, and I’m sure the NYT, wanted to show how student-led protests were beginning a revolution. But as one columnist at The Washington Post explained, Stevens’ column did not help the cause.


…rarely do we see such an unhelpful, untimely and fanciful idea as the one put forward by retired Supreme Court justice John Paul Stevens.

In a New York Times op-ed on Tuesday, Stevens calls for a repeal of the Second Amendment. The move might as well be considered an in-kind contribution to the National Rifle Association, to Republicans’ efforts to keep the House and Senate in 2018, and to President Trump’s 2020 reelection bid. In one fell swoop, Stevens has lent credence to the talking point that the left really just wants to get rid of gun ownership and reasserted the need for gun-rights supporters to prevent his ilk from ever being appointed again (with the most obvious answer being: Vote Republican).

Stevens just signaled that at least one liberal appointee who inhabited the bench that could decide such matters really does want to take away one of those rights. And that’s about the best Republicans could have hoped for.

Backfire, indeed.

The former justice was playing off of the message from the march three days earlier. Instead of building on the momentum, his article came across as too honest (grab those guns!) and yet another reason to vote Republican in November.

The RNC should thank the man.

Another example occurred on social media. On Tuesday, Congresswoman Grace Meng of New York took over the Democratic Party Twitter account and shared the following message:


You…want to talk about “economic fairness” for women by discussing access to tampon and pads? On the official Democratic Party Twitter account? As if these products are not available everywhere all the time? This is your focus?

Grace is another individual the RNC should thank.

There’s a thing called overcorrection where one goes far beyond what is necessary in response to something they consider to be negative. It is plain to see that Democrats are doing this very thing at present. It is a reaction to everything that has transpired since November 2016. They cannot abide a Donald Trump presidency and are working hard to fill Congress back up with Democrats.

But it is backfiring.

This week, I wrote of the Democratic shrinkage in the polls as it relates to their midterm chances. Certainly, this could be due to several factors, including Trump’s recent legislative successes, however unpopular they are in some circles. It is also very likely due to the Democrats and their hysterical reactions to everything all the time.


Take the guns! We need period equality!

Have they learned nothing in the intervening months since Hillary Clinton bumped her head on that glass ceiling? Apparently, not. But Republicans don’t mind. In fact, they should be asking for more of the same and stepping aside to let the Left writhe around in the public square.

Remember, all the Democrats have to do is keep from insanity.

As of right now, they’re failing miserably at holding it all together.

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