Democratic Shrinkage? Latest Poll Suggests GOP Improving Midterm Chances

On Sunday, Fox News released poll results that confirm what has been known all along: we have absolutely no clue how the midterm elections will turn out.

Granted, we are still several months away. Anything can happen between now and then.


For now, the official numbers are great news for the Republican Party and have improved since the fall.

If the election for Congress were held today, would you vote for the Democratic candidate in your district or the Republican candidate in your district?

In this recent poll, 46% of respondents said they would vote Democratic compared to 41% who would vote Republican. The remainder went 3% for other and 10% undecided/don’t know.

In October 2017, the results were %50 for the Democratic candidate, 35% for the Republican candidate, 4% for other, and 11% undecided/don’t know.

Though there is still a gap between the two major party supporters, that number is shrinking. Furthermore, according to the official results, the 50% figure showing support for Democratic candidates in October represents the highest in recent trends, so the narrowing between the two is no insignificant thing.

As Neil Stevens pointed out on Friday, the numbers have improved for Republicans, but Democrats still dominate.

The Generic Ballot has historically been a good predictor of midterm House results. Republicans were sky high in this poll in 2010, for example. Democrats have reason to be excited, but they will need to run up the score to take the House back.

There is still much work to be done if the GOP wishes to keep control of Congress.

As far as the president, his job approval is at 45% with a breakdown of specific areas showing a high of 51% approval for the handling of the economy all the way down to 33% approval for his addressing of the opioid epidemic.

There is plenty of time between now and when disgruntled Resistance members and satisfied MAGA fans will head to their respective polling stations.

Though Democrats remain in the lead, Republicans are right behind them.

Clearly, both parties have reason to be nervous.

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