REALITY CHECK: The GOP Congress & Swampy President Have No Problem With State-Funded Death

It’s no laughing matter that a president who ran on eliminating debt and politicians who did the same had no problem with the omnibus bill.

They’re politicians. They like to say one thing on the campaign trail and act another way entirely once safely in office.


Or, if you’re President Trump, you declare that you might veto the omnibus bill because it doesn’t spend enough money. In the end, you sign it anyway because you’re Trump, and the words you use quite often don’t line up very well with your actions.

Donald J. Trump used to say that he was going to drain the D.C. swamp. Now he is splashing around in that fetid marsh, happy to have a “win.”

Worst of all, the omnibus bill funds Planned Parenthood. They continue to get half a billion dollars from the federal government. The largest abortion provider in the country, which does not need taxpayer funds, will keep getting taxpayer funds.

This is egregious. Shame on the spineless GOP leaders in Congress and their spineless president for funding the abortion mill yet again.

If you’ve forgotten just how monstrous Planned Parenthood is in the midst of your elation at a legislative victory, here is a reminder from Alexandra DeSanctis of National Review. On Friday, she tweeted out fact after stomach-churning fact.

It should sicken you. Remember, a GOP-controlled Congress and Republican president say this is no problem.


Yes, pro-aborts. I know that the Hyde Amendment exists. I am well aware that it is in place to keep federal funds from going to pay for abortions except in cases of rape, incest, or life of the mother.

But don’t forget, money is fungible.


Put that aside, though. It does not matter. I don’t care if taxpayer funds go to buy fish tanks for PP waiting rooms. The funds are still being used to support an organization that willfully takes the life of the innocent unborn – by the thousands – every single day. Oh, taxpayer funds keep the lights on? Still evil. Taxpayer funds by non-abortive supplies? Still evil.

Because Planned Parenthood is evil. It will never shake that designation so long as it commits legal homicide.

Speaking of willfully doing what one wants, look at the GOPers in Congress and the one sitting in the White House. They passed a bill that funds the above atrocities. He signed the same.

It is unacceptable.

But don’t mind me, continue feeling great about the omnibus bill. Keep saying, “Well, there was nothing the president could do” or “anyone else would have done the same.”

Meanwhile, down the street, taxpayer-funded death continues.

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