Yes, There Is Truly an Oppressed Class of Females (and Males) in the United States

March is Women’s History Month.

I have no issue whatsoever with celebrating the history of my gender. We haven’t always had it so easy. I’m well aware that I owe much to those first wave feminists who marched the city streets demanding equal treatment under the law. I am grateful to them for their vocal opposition to sexism. Their work helped to secure my right to vote, own property, and the like.


But my fondness for political struggles that American women of decades past endured stops around 1963. That year, President Kennedy signed the Equal Pay Act. The law put an end to wage disparity solely based on sex. This common sense victory in the workplace was a necessary one.

Wage differences that exist now are a result of an individual’s educational, career, and family choices, not to mention the actual hours worked and time spent on the job. (If you don’t believe me, check out this Prager U video featuring Christina Hoff Sommers.)

Once second and third wave feminism barreled onto the scene in all of its unshaven glory, the movement regressed. To this day, the feminist movement largely centers on defeating that evil Patriarchy and demanding equality with men (which is impossible, because of biology).

Some even go so far as promoting free bleeding (in which they go through their menstrual cycle without using any products) and slut walks. Because nothing says, “I am more than my body!” like parading around topless or bleeding all over your clothes. These attempts to make worthwhile statements are nothing more than revolting theatrics.


Please, handmaids. Your suffragette foremothers are laughing.

One major part of the feminist platform is abortion rights. You know, the “right” to take the life of your unborn child. The Women’s March is loudly pro-abortion. They even refused to allow pro-life feminists to join their ranks during their inaugural march in D.C. in 2016. I spoke to several who were turned away only because of their opposition to abortion. Diversity, or something.

By refusing to vocally defend the unborn females (and males) within the womb, modern-day feminists are allowing for the oppression of an entire category of individuals. These unique persons have yet to join us on this side, but they are worth no less. By actually championing the demise of millions over the past four decades, pro-abort women look no different than the sexists they despise.

Discrimination in any form is abhorrent. It has no place in society whether it’s based on race or sex. Tell me, how is discriminating against the inhabitants in the womb, based on location and stage of development, any different?

One would argue it’s worse, for they have no voice with which to defend themselves. They are silent victims, snuffed out before growth would give them the opportunity to demand justice for their very lives.


In the spirit of Women’s History Month, I bring you Dr. Mildred Jefferson. Among other accomplishments, she was the first black woman to graduate Harvard Medical School. She was also a loud and proud pro-lifer who co-founded the National Right to Life.

Listen to her words.

It is unconscionably unfair that the victims selected on which to test the social remedy of expendable lives is the most defenseless member of the human family, the unborn child, who cannot escape, cannot riot in the streets, and cannot vote. As a woman, I am ashamed that the voices raised loudest in this demand to destroy the unborn children are those of other women.

 I, too, join with Dr. Jefferson in expressing my shame at the bloodthirsty call of death for the unborn. Too often, that yell emanates from masses of females, gathered in unity to protest their mistreatment at the hands of men. Meanwhile, they hold within their hearts and display on signs their own interest in mistreating the lesser souls who dared to seek shelter and nourishment in the womb.

If anything, I consider myself a first wave feminist. I am grateful for my basic rights and don’t take them lightly. I am aware that I am one of the most blessed creatures on planet, for I am an American. My freedoms and opportunities abound.

It would be disingenuous to exercise these precious rights without also demanding equality for unborn females (and males). It is egregious that announcing such a stance is met with jeers from assembled p**sy hat-wearers who consider someone like me a “traitor to my gender.”

But the fight rages on.

True equality must begin in the womb. Until the modern-day feminist movement acknowledges that and puts it into practice, their mission will be a fraudulent one.


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