Hollywood's Superficial Hand-Wringing Reaches Fashionable Fever Pitch Before the Golden Globes

FILE - In this Monday, Dec. 11, 2017 file photo, Golden Globe statues appear on stage prior to the nominations for 75th Annual Golden Globe Awards at the Beverly Hilton hotel in Beverly Hills, Calif. The Golden Globe Awards, to be presented on Sunday night, Jan. 7, 2018, will be the most prominent display yet for the "MeToo" movement that has swept through Hollywood and left a trail of disgraced men in its wake. What has long been a star-studded primetime party may this Sunday take on the tenor of a protest rally. (Photo by Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP, File)

Tonight is the 75th Golden Globe Awards, and Hollywood is set to make a major statement for victims of sexual assault.

Just don’t expect much substance since this will mostly be a fashion statement. Think of it as the living embodiment of hashtag activism. It feels good in the moment as you see those likes/favorites/retweets pile up, but what does it actually accomplish? Not much at all.


As stars arrive at that famous red carpet and parade in front of the cameras tonight, most will be wearing black. This seems barely a stretch for the men among them who don tuxedoes and designer suits quite regularly. For the women, however, it’s a “huge” sacrifice. You see, wearing black means they’re forsaking color, a terrible travesty. Their decision to forego style will somehow help their fellow actresses, and all those regular women, who have been victims of sexual crime.

Or something.

In the lead-up to Sunday evening’s big event, Hollywood is spending time doing some hand-wringing. Because of fashion. The Telegraph reports:

But so popular is the show of support for hundreds of victims of abuse that stylists around Hollywood are tearing their hair out.

It seems there just aren’t enough black outfits to go round.

Designers and stylists are in a last-minute frenzy, some having more black attire rushed in from their fashion bases in New York.

Dozens of A-list actresses have pledged to wear black in the wake of the Harvey Weinstein scandal. But Mr Walker warned supporters of the “Me Too” movement not to condemn those who choose not to follow suit with their outfits this year.

Just wait for it. Those not wearing black will be shamed on social media and by some fellow attendees. That’s what these people do.

…some actresses may still opt for colour, but they would be in the minority.

“You know you’re going to be creating the talk if you wear colour,” she said.

“It’s all about originality. Yet I really feel there’ll be a lot of black.”

Another stylist added that the Golden Globes should not look “like a funeral”.

And just how long will such fashion-activated activism stick around? Not even until the biggest awards show of the year: The Oscars. What does that say about Hollywood’s desire to turn the tide in their own backyard??

“I feel like the Globes is the statement. And I don’t think it will continue. It’s one big statement then the actresses may want to express themselves. The Oscars, especially, I think will be back to normal.”

And just like that, the pledge to make a difference will vanish. That’s because the extent of their commitment only went so far as the outfit they were wearing for one evening. What does that say about Hollywood? That too many are still unwilling to shake things up at the ground level. And until they do, the rape culture that exists within their lofty California bubble will go untouched.

Hollywood isn’t my thing. Sure, I enjoy entertainment and movies as I have time, but I find too many in the business to be obsessed with their elitism. As a Middle American, I somehow deserve to be lectured to by the privileged few who act for a living. They are here to “culture me up” and expand my mind through diverse and groundbreaking performances on the silver screen. In reality, their business is all fantasy.

When the players who act in front of the cameras choose that very thing as the way by which they’ll fight real harassment and abuse, I’m underwhelmed. Their show of support by wearing dark colored threads means next to nothing, especially after years of so-called open secrets about monster Harvey Weinstein and others within their golden fold.

Count me unimpressed out here in Regularville.

Rose McGowan, an actress who was assaulted by Harvey Weinstein, is rightfully upset at the ephemeral display planned for tonight’s show. I may not agree with her on everything, but she certainly has taken an enormous amount of flack for her unwillingness to keep her mouth shut. For too long, fellow actresses did just that as Weinstein enjoyed decades of predation will Hollywood kept it quiet.

On Monday, I’m sure we’ll see a number of glowing stories chronicling the “bravery” from this evening’s show. It will be counted as heroism when it is anything but that.

Tonight, Hollywood will do what it usually does: act as an arbiter of morality through glitz and glam. In reality, the dress up will mean little, will fade quickly, and the show will go on as usual.



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