Hillary Clinton Finally Announces Future Political Plans

It is closing in on one year since Hillary Clinton failed to secure the presidency and bumped her head on that glass ceiling. Since then, many have wondered whether she would enter the political arena again or if she was completely done as a candidate.


On Sunday morning, the second place finisher set the record straight.

Washington Post reports:

Former secretary of state Hillary Clinton said Sunday that she will not pursue the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination.

“I am done with being a candidate,” Clinton said on CBS’s “Sunday Morning.”

Clinton — who on Tuesday will release “What Happened,” her memoir of the 2016 campaign — does plan to stay involved in national politics, just not as an “active politician” who may launch a campaign.

“But I am not done with politics because I literally believe that our country’s future is at stake,” she said in an interview with Jane Pauley.

Pardon me…

“And there was much rejoicing!”

Most of us (except maybe Hillary) believed she was done last year. Bill’s wife had been working toward November 8, 2016 her entire existence. To lose so dramatically to an orange reality star permanently secured her loser status. At one time, she was considered inevitable. Clearly, that was not the case.


For people like Hillary Clinton, a dose of humility is best. I doubt she’s developed much of that since election day, but thankfully we won’t have to see her name on the ballot anymore.

The former Democratic nominee said she has moved on from her 2016 election loss but acknowledged that the sting of defeat has not entirely faded away.

“I am good,” Clinton said. “But that doesn’t mean I am complacent or resolved about what happened. It still is very painful. It hurts a lot.”

It appears the Clinton chapter of American politics is finally coming to a close. Yes, we’ll see them out there promoting others and lending their name to certain causes, but never again will we have a Clinton as an option on election day.

Thank goodness.


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