Tomi Lahren Is Awful for Conservatism, So Of Course Fox News Hired Her

On Wednesday, the least shocking news in the world was announced: Tomi Lahren had been hired by Fox News.

We expected this turn of events. Lahren exited The Blaze earlier this year and had always seemed destined for the formerly “Fair and Balanced” network. After all, Lahren fits the mold. She is flash over substance, relies heavily on clichés, and is infatuated with and is an uncritical supporter of President Trump.


As Variety reported, Lahren will spend most of her on-air time hanging out with Sean Hannity.

Conservative media host Tomi Lahren has joined Fox News in a contributor role, the cable news network announced Wednesday.

She will make her debut as a contributor on tonight’s edition of “Hannity” at 10 p.m. ET/PT. According to FNC, Lahren will have a signature role on the network’s upcoming digital lineup and will also offer political commentary to the network’s opinion programming, primarily “Hannity.”

Like it or not, Tomi Lahren is viewed as a conservative by most outside of the GOP realm. Variety didn’t think twice when labeling her as such. Therein lies a huge problem. The flimsy, youth-fueled, inexperienced worldview that someone like Tomi Lahren possesses becomes a detriment to the movement as a whole, even if she herself is not a legitimate conservative.

There is no better example of the harm that can occur than Lahren’s own flip-flopping on the abortion issue in March during an appearance on The View. Instead of using the opportunity to advance the conservative cause while in front of a hostile audience, she distanced herself from previously stated beliefs and joined sides with the show’s spineless hosts.

“I’m pro choice, and here’s why,” Lahren said. I’m someone that’s for limited government. So I can’t sit here and be a hypocrite and say I’m for limited government but I think the government should decide what women do with their bodies. I can sit here and say that, as a Republican and I can say, you know what, I’m for limited government, so stay out of my guns, and you can stay out of my body as well…”


In her answer, she called pro-lifers “hypocrites” and threw them (and all those pre-birth babies) under the bus. Abortion is a black-and-white issue. You either support the killing of the unborn while in the womb or you don’t. If you do, as Tomi admitted, you are definitely not a conservative.

Ms. Lahren has yet to apologize for her remarks on The View and her gross categorizing of those who give a much-needed voice to the voiceless unborn. In fact, she seems to be rather proud of herself and her supposed advocacy for everyone and everything. She said as much in her Facebook post on Wednesday.

I am blessed and honored to join the Fox News team. This exciting new step will allow me to give voice to all the America-loving patriots who have had my back since day one. I will remain a solid and passionate advocate for you. Thank you for following me on my journey. I assure you, I will always stand up and speak out for our brave service members, our law enforcement community, our veterans and hardworking Americans from coast to coast.

Such advocacy is sorely lacking without acknowledging and passionately defending innocent life in the womb. The Fox News audience gleefully looks past such a “minor” nuisance, though. The already morally questionable network certainly isn’t bothered by it. Her excitable mentor, Sean Hannity, doesn’t seem to care.


This says much about Fox News in the Era of Trump.

Their willingness to overlook the obvious, to win, but not win well, and to be Republican but not conservative is plainly seen in their overwhelming support for President Donald Trump. The same is unmistakably evident in their hiring of Ms. Tomi Lahren.

Are we disappointed? Perhaps. But we are not surprised.

Long before the 2016 election, I ceased looking to Fox News as the lone conservative source in a mainstream media world. They’ve shown time and again that they are less concerned with what’s right and more concerned with what sells. Unfortunately, too many still look to them as a singular source for common sense and truth. This is another reason I commend The Blaze for getting rid of Lahren when she crossed the line and used her position to ridicule the pro-life movement.

What was unacceptable for The Blaze turned into a hiring opportunity for Fox News. That fact, when Lahren herself still won’t walk back her statements, again proves that the cable giant is not to be trusted as a positive source for those who find themselves on the Right side of the political aisle.

I doubt that Lahren’s tenure at Fox, no matter how long it is, will involve much of anything beyond Trump mania and a consistent use of the word “snowflake.” She continues to prove that she’s all bluster and MAGA talking points, not substance. You can see it on her unserious social media.


No one should confuse Tomi Lahren as someone with depth who is grounded in solid and unshakable principles. When faced with an opportunity to go against the flow and fight for good against a bloodthirsty opposition, she chose the path of a coward and unapologetically folded. Meanwhile, her rabid fans cheered.

She is awful for the cause of conservatism. She is drunk on MAGA Kool-aid and a spotlight that doesn’t mind if you possess a broken moral compass.

She’ll fit right in at Fox News.


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