Women's Basketball Gives Pro-Life Sports Fans Another Reason Not to Watch

Nothing says “let’s empower women!” like fundraising for Planned Parenthood, an organization guilty of killing unborn females (and males), and making enormous profits off of empty wombs.


It’s even more ironic when said group is a team in the WNBA. You go, girl! Abort that nuisance. #GirlPower

The Seattle Storm, clearly in need of some attention (like all WNBA teams), set out to do just that on Tuesday night during their televised game against the Chicago Sky.

In a show of support for Planned Parenthood, Force 10 Hoops, the ownership group of the Seattle Storm, will host ‘Stand With Planned Parenthood’, on July 18, a night in support of the organization and the services they provide…

For every ticket purchased, the Storm will donate $5 to Planned Parenthood.

The Storm also will be hosting an online auction, which will include game-worn shoes from Storm players and other items.

I just applaud the pro-abort Left. They continue to prove that Planned Parenthood is not in need of federal funding.

Chronically unfunny comedian Samantha Bee recently raised $1 million with the sale of her “Nasty Woman” t-shirt, and makeup company Studio 71 debuted a new lipstick whose profits will all go to Cecile Richards and her ghouls. They are fully capable of supporting themselves and their Lamborghini lifestyles.


Clearly, the Seattle Storm wanted to get in on the action. Try not to choke on the irony in the pre-game video, though, as player Sami Whitcomb said the following:

“We stand with Planned Parenthood because all women and girls deserve to feel respected.”

“All” clearly means only those females who have safely made it to this side of the womb after passing through some sort of magic vagina dust. Until then, they are literally on the chopping block.

As Newbusters reports, the team’s show of support for PP was applauded by those other nasty women in the media who love their “abortion rights.”

Refinery 29 applauded the team for “making history.” “Here’s hoping more teams follow suit,” concluded writer Britni de la Cretaz.

Bustle followed suit by insisting that “the Seattle Storm’s Planned Parenthood partnership will soon set a new standard for what it means to be in professional sports.”


In the end, the rally looked like this…


And the game crowds looked something like this…

There is nothing as inherently anti-woman as supporting the destruction of an entire group of females simply based on their location and stage of development. Abortion tells women they should be ashamed of their bodies and should discard what is reproduced, if it comes at an inopportune time. It says that adversity is something a woman cannot work through. She is incapable. The fruit of her womb is a parasite and should be treated as such. This is what a women’s basketball team proudly supported.

By the game’s conclusion on Tuesday night, the Chicago Sky had beaten the Seattle Storm 94 to 83.

Serves them right.


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