Trump Supporters? Stop Acting Like Sore Winners

Despite what some in the “resist!” movement claim, Donald Trump is our president.

Whether you voted for him or not, he is our commander-in-chief. This fact remains despite what leftover Hillary supporters say about his legitimacy or about that whole “antiquated” electoral college thing.

The fact is still concrete even though the Trump administration itself has launched a voter fraud commission. As he has made clear, President Trump is not comfortable with his failure to win the popular vote.

Jay Caruso wrote about the commission recently, and said the following.

Trump’s desire for the voter-fraud commissions rests on his insecurities and the notion of not having won something. There’s a reason he keeps reminding people he won over 300 electoral votes despite the fact the election took place nearly a year ago. A bruised ego and “reports” from charlatans helped to make it happen.

Uncertainty abounds in the mind of the president.

It’s this same type of feeling that myself and others have seen among the rank and file in the MAGA party. Instead of accepting the win, Trump surrogates high and low are not only questioning the popular vote count, but will act vicious – still – toward those on the right side of the political aisle who did not vote for their man.

Why? Didn’t your guy, you know, win?

Whether or not you believe it, I hope the country prospers under President Trump’s elected leadership just as I hoped it would under Obama’s leadership. Now that may not happen based on White House policy (as we saw during Barack’s era), but that is my hope. We should all hope for an improved country, no matter who is president.

Yes, I know there is much anger from the collective Left over the outcome of the election. Some have taken to the streets, rioted, looted, or worse (the Scalise shooting.) However, there still seems to be much internal unrest on the Right, among Trump supporters.

Too many of them do not accept that current or former GOPers would have chosen another candidate on election day. These rabid supporters come across as those attempting to sway potential voters in some sort of repeat October 2016 scenario.

But the election is over! Time to suck it up and stop acting like sore winners.

Just this week, I experienced haranguing over the 3rd party vote that I cast on November 8. I’ve made it clear neither major party candidate received my support. This is still unbelievable to some. More than that, they feel the need to berate me (and others) over such a choice.

Such behavior would make sense from the election day losers, but instead, it’s coming from the winners.

All I can surmise is that plenty of Trump supporters will not accept that they lost a portion of the electorate, even though they were victorious on election day. This is a direct reflection of their man Trump’s insecurities.

Perhaps, the MAGA crowd will learn to accept their win. As of right now, it certainly seems like it will be quite a while before they can move on from victory, and learn to live with the fact that there are others who don’t share a similar enthusiasm.



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