President Trump Offers Help to Terminally Ill UK Infant Charlie Gard

This is an undated hand out photo of Charlie Gard provided by his family, at Great Ormond Street Hospital, in London. The parents of a terminally-ill baby boy lost the final stage of their legal battle on Tuesday, June27, 2017 to take him out of a British hospital to receive treatment in the U.S., after a European court agreed with previous rulings that the baby should be taken off life support. (Family of Charlie Gard via AP)

After a weekend that involved much discussion over the president’s use of social media, Donald Trump took to Twitter on Monday, and this time offered some help to a grieving family.


Last week, Streiff wrote about the Catholic church’s cowardly response to the situation of Charlie Gard, the terminally ill infant in England. The high court has decided it would be against Charlie’s best interest for his parents to seek experimental treatment in the United States. Though the money has been raised by the parents, a doctor in the U.S. has agreed to treat Charlie, and the U.K. National Health Service would not incur any cost, the courts still ruled it would be cruel to seek further treatment.

Apart from being entirely heartbreaking, the brazen disregard for life is truly abhorrent. Charlie’s parents are aware the treatment may not save him, but they should absolutely be allowed to try.

In a show of support for precious Charlie, President Donald Trump tweeted the following on Monday morning.

I applaud the gesture of support. As previously mentioned, a doctor in the United States has been on board for a while and is ready to provide care.

What is taking place is entirely senseless and only proves how deep society is entrenched in a culture of death. It is apparent that many view the state – rather than the family – as the primary guarantor of protection and good.


Just yesterday, Pope Francis issued a show of support after the Vatican’s previous statement was received with anger, and rightly so. ABC News reports:

Pope Francis called Sunday for the parents of a terminally ill British baby to be allowed to do everything possible to treat their 10-month-old son, amending the Vatican’s previous position after conservatives complained.

In a statement, the Vatican press office said Francis “is following with affection and sadness the case of little Charlie Gard and expresses his closeness to his parents. For this he prays that their wish to accompany and treat their child until the end is not neglected.”

Yes, conservatives complained. There should have been no need for an amended statement from the Vatican because the first statement should have been an unapologetic defense of life in the first place! Unfortunately, it wasn’t.

At present, it is unclear whether anything will actually change for Charlie Gard, or if he will die in the London hospital where the high court has demanded that he remain.



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