Long Live the Patriarchy

If you’ve not noticed, American society seems to favor women over men.

The women’s movement is (still?) fighting for something, though I’m not quite sure what those tired chicks in p***y hats really seek to gain. Females in the United States are some of the most blessed creatures on the planet. We have extraordinary opportunities available to us, and can even pay to have the unborn lives within our wombs scraped out – legally – all in the name of empowerment.


Increasingly, men are relegated to the backburner. A man does not even need to have done anything worth condemning first before he is lumped into a group and shamed.

The terms “rape culture” and “toxic masculinity” are often associated with male individuals simply because they dare to exist. All the while, the “woke” women who use these phrases to stereotype others loudly demand that we don’t do the same of them. Isn’t equality grand?!

If we look around, we can quickly surmise that we live in a sin-sick society. However, that’s been evident as long as humans have existed, and it won’t be changing anytime soon. Males are not the root cause of cultural ills. We all are.

For society to function as it should, we desperately need men, many of whom are fathers, to invest in the lives of their children and families in order to make things run right.

Fathers and male role models are a necessary thread woven into homes, communities, and churches.

Fathers and male role models quite often are the financial providers for a family unit. Yes, many times this task is shared with a significant other, but the breadwinning role is still largely filled by a man.

Fathers and male role models are the first examples of what it means to be a man to the boys and girls who look up to them. This is of the utmost importance in shaping healthy children who will in turn become parents someday.


Fathers and male role models often act as protectors of not only those close to them in a family unit, but those they may not know in situations where protection is required.

Fathers and male role models display what being a gentleman looks like as they respect everyone in their lives, especially the women. Fathers are the first loves of their daughters, and can and do help shape the often too fragile female self-esteem.

There are many more reasons why we not only need father figures, but must celebrate them just as much as we celebrate mothers. They are not less important than the women who complement them.

On Father’s Day we honor those Y chromosome-possessing people. The actual ones. Their enduring presence is an absolute necessity for society.

Long live the patriarchy.


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