Joe Biden: "Hillary Wasn't the Correct Candidate, I Was"

The Democrats sure continue to flail around in this post-election reality.

Their experienced nominee, that supposed glass ceiling-breaker, was the biggest political loser of all time. She didn’t just lose to any GOP candidate. She lost to Donald Trump, a loudmouth reality star.


Hillary has been busy blaming misogyny and James Comey for her failure. Meanwhile, Joe Biden has been vocal about Mrs. Clinton’s candidacy, and how he could have done better.

It’s all so amusing.

USA Today reports:

…Joe Biden decided Thursday was the night to share his feelings about Hillary Clinton’s candidacy.

“I never thought she was a great candidate,” the former vice president told the SALT conference in Las Vegas, according to reports.

To add salt to the wound, he continued, “I thought I was a great candidate.”

It’s a stance that he has consistently given in recent interviews. He has been critical of the Clinton campaign and noted that he believes he could have won the election


This internal drama has been simmering for a while, and has certainly spilled over since Hillary’s seemingly unexpected loss November 8th. Adding more to his remarks, Biden shared what he believed should hold a candidate back from pursuing the presidency.


“No man or woman should announce for the presidency unless they genuinely believe that for the that moment in the nation’s history they are the most qualified person to deal with the issues facing the country,” he said.

Apparently, Biden believe he should have been the guy for the job.

While I’m certainly not a Donald Trump fan, neither Joe nor Hillary should have been entrusted with the presidency, either.



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