Planned Parenthood Declares Victory Over AHCA Pull

The epic failure know as the American Health Care Act/Trumpcare/Ryancare/Obamacare Lite is causing plenty of celebration in liberal circles.

One group in particular is relieved that the bill never even made it to a House vote. That group is Planned Parenthood, and they perform 320,000+ abortions per year.


As my colleague Susan Wright wrote, Cecile Richards, president of Planned Parenthood, had warned that passage of the AHCA would be disastrous for women because it would touch PP funding.

The federal health care bill would redirect tax dollars to thousands of federally qualified community health centers to help ensure women continue to have access to quality, comprehensive health care when Planned Parenthood loses its funding.

Now that part of the health care bill I actually liked. However, since the AHCA crashed and burned, Cecile and other pro-abort harpies are gloriously claiming victory.

Their celebration is gross, and as made clear by Richards’ fundraising email, not exactly true. You see, PP doesn’t really provide prenatal care. You won’t get ultrasounds of your growing baby. They’re not in the business of saving unborn lives. They’re in the business of making money by killing inhabitants in the womb.


Health care reform is currently in shambles, and who knows when it will be tackled again. The GOP knew full well that Obamacare needed to be dealt with, and President Trump promised it on the campaign trail.

What isn’t in shambles at the moment? Planned Parenthood. Because of and in the lead up to today’s failure, they have become stronger than ever. They will continue to label themselves as “health care”, ask for donations with sad pleas, and strut around wearing p**** hats.

Both their resolve and coffers will continue to grow. While this underscores the fact that they do not need federal funding, it reinforces that the push to defund will only become more difficult as time marches on.

Stellar job, GOP.



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