Pro-Lifers Combat Pro-Abort Mantra With #MyUnintendedJoy, And Share the Beauty of Life

For too long, the abortion industry has used social media to proclaim how proud they are of the “service” they offer. Hashtags such as #ShoutYourAbortion are meant as an unapologetic in-your-face to those who believe all life is precious.

The Guttmacher Institute reported in September of last year that 45% of all pregnancies are either “mistimed or unwanted.” To Planned Parenthood, and others who make money off of ending unborn lives, these pregnancies equal big bucks. Convince a woman that the life inside of her, coming at a time which she didn’t expect, will negatively impact her life, and she just might pay for its beating heart to be stopped.

Well, pro-lifers are fighting back on social media with the hashtag #MyUnintendedJoy. Why? Because life is beautiful, even when it’s not planned, and life-changing in the most positive of ways.

Here are some of their stories.

Reaffirming life in a culture of death is an absolute necessity. It is especially powerful in these days after the heavily pro-abort Women’s March and before this Friday’s March For Life in D.C.

We celebrate life.

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