Sorry, Women's March. You Can't Truly Be Pro-Woman Unless You're Pro-Life

Today is the Women’s March on Washington.

But don’t be fooled by its inclusive title. It happens to be one of the most exclusive marches out there, because it actively rejects pro-life women from its ranks.


Several of my female colleagues have written about their rejection of unity. Jennifer Van Laar wrote about the march wanting to exclude pro-life women. Amelia Hamilton wrote about New Wave Feminists, a pro-life feminist group, being removed as a march partner. Finally, Susan Wright wrote about how a sex workers alliance was added as a partner, instead.

Apparently, nothing says pro-woman like excluding the unborn ones but including those who actively sell their bodies for profit.

I have no problem with marching against a new president who so often has been disrespectful toward women in his personal and professional lives, and has even joked about forcing himself upon women. But I’m wondering where they were when Bill Clinton, a known womanizer who has been accused of rape, was president? Did they speak up when his wife, former Democratic nominee, Hillary Clinton, casually pushed claims aside from women her husband has assaulted? They were nowhere. Why? Because political party is what motivates them, not what is right.

But I digress.

Modern-day feminism in America actively promotes abortion as one of its sacraments. It is a religion, and you are not allowed to hold differing views. By excluding an entire group – the unborn – you are actively discriminating against future women (and men). Because of that, the Women’s March on Washington, and those who support its platform, are not truly pro-woman.


Linda Sarsour, a national co-chair for the Women’s March, admitted their true focus in an interview with MSNBC, as reported by Life News:

At one point in the interview, Lui inquired further about the headcount.

“You’ve been telling me about the numbers, how they’ve been surging recently, is this because of, within in the last two weeks, discussion of Planned Parenthood, the discussion of defunding Planned Parenthood,” he said, “Is that something that’s energizing the numbers here?

She agreed, “That definitely is part of it, I mean, the repealing of the Affordable Care Act.”

“First of all, hands off the Affordable Care Act. We need our health insurance,” she began. “Hands off Planned Parenthood and our reproductive rights. Hands off Muslims. Hands off the undocumented. Those are really our top messaging lines. Hands off our Native American sisters and brothers.



The marchers promote the idea that “the future is female.” Not only must any sort of future also includes males, but they cannot actively, vocally promote the destruction of the future by supporting abortion.

Hillary Clinton once said “women’s rights are human rights.” In reality, human rights are for everyone, male or female, and those rights begin in the womb.


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