Gateway Pundit, Purveyor Of Fake News, Lashes Out At RedState For Calling Him Out

Jim Hoft’s unreliable Gateway Pundit blog took some time this past weekend to publish their outrage against me and RedState as a whole. Why? Because I have recently called Hoft and his site out for not only being sensationalist, but also for their absolutely incorrect reporting.


I would include a link to the specific Gateway Pundit post (written by Ryan Saavedra), which lashes out at me and the site as a whole, but I’m not in the habit of sharing fake news sites.

A better use of Gateway Pundit’s time would be to focus on reporting the truth for what it actually is, instead of what they want it to be. This should be the goal of anyone in the media, Left or Right. When that doesn’t happen, they should and will be taken to task.

Here are but a few examples of Gateway Pundit’s shoddy journalistic offerings.

Michelle Obama’s Super Secret Twitter Scrubbing


The problem? Michelle Obama’s Twitter account has been @FLOTUS…for a while. That stands for First Lady of the United States. It’s similar to @POTUS, which her husband, the president, uses. Even Sean Hannity had to apologize for sharing the fake news on his radio show.


Ooh, awkward.

4Chan As Inside Source


Massive DNC fraud exposed? Hardly. But when you use a 4Chan “insider”, I guess anything is possible, even for Jim Hoft.

All Asians Look Alike 

Most recently, Hoft published a story saying Washington Post reporter Doris Truong was sneaking pictures of Tillerson’s notes at his hearing. Truong wasn’t even there, but anything for a narrative.


Like I said, maybe to Hoft all Asians look alike?

Accurate reporting is important, no matter what your political persuasion. That is why myself and others have called out Jim Hoft and his site. Guess what? We’ll continue to point out when anyone fails to share the truth.

Pushing a false narrative/fake news, should never be tolerated, no matter the political party. Period.



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