Don't Play Favorites: Hypocrisy Against Trump Camp Is Still Hypocrisy

To say the Right side of the aisle has been divided this year would be a gross understatement.

Way back when the election cycle started, the Republican field had 17 candidates. Several had their own fan base made up of diehard supporters whose allegiance was to their candidate alone. One by one, the hopefuls dropped out.

Not long after, Donald Trump became the GOP nominee. Then he won the presidential election.

I, and many others, were #NeverTrump from the beginning. Many, including myself, believed he would lose. We were wrong.

Once President-elect Trump is inaugurated, we plan to hold him accountable. The bad decisions and shaky conservatism will be called out. The good decisions and solid leadership will be praised. This isn’t a cop-out but a logical, reasonable approach to a man who didn’t receive our votes but who will be our president. This plan of action doesn’t just apply to the guy in charge, though. It extends to those he has nominated for positions in his administration, those he has hired outright, and even his family.

Paired with holding Trump and his administration responsible for their actions is defending them from unfair, incorrect treatment when it occurs. The Left doesn’t care to distinguish between those of us who were Rubio or Cruz supporters from those in the Trump camp, so why should we pick and choose who we defend from their hypocritical attacks? We shouldn’t, and we have two perfect examples of recent liberal hypocrisy.

On Thursday morning, Ivanka Trump, her husband, and their children were harassed by a fellow passenger on a JetBlue flight. Ivanka and her family were flying commercial. The passenger screamed at Ivanka for her father ruining the country and for her “regular person” travel choice. Obviously, the guy’s behavior was entirely wrong. For the Left, though, it’s completely acceptable. Ivanka is a “Trump”, after all.

That’s just so odd coming from feminist and abortion lover Jessica Valenti. She always made sure Hillary Clinton the “inevitable” was protected.

Another example is the treatment of Kellyanne Conway, Trump’s campaign manager who he just named as his senior counselor. Conway became the first woman to run a successful presidential campaign, is a mother of four, business owner, lawyer, and – whether you agree with her or not – remains cool under pressure. But because she doesn’t adopt the same ideology as those who obsessed over Hillary Clinton, she is not praised for her accomplishments, even when they crack that ellusive glass ceiling.

You don’t have to look far to see the bitterness against Kellyanne Conway. Articles such as No, Kellyanne Conway Did Not “Break The Glass Ceiling” and hashtags such as #catsjudgingkellyanne complete with calling her a “sewer rat” or “blinded by ambition, cold-hearted b****”. Can you imagine the reaction to such attacks if Kellyanne were a darling of the Left? She’s dismissed by the same people who would gush over her and praise her achievements.

Attacking what is wrong should not be exclusive to only who we supported for president. By any measure, what happened to Ivanka is unacceptable as is the refusal to praise Kellyanne’s accomplishments as a woman. I did not support Donald Trump for president and am capable of acknowledging both.

As we enter the era of Trump, we must remember that liberal hypocrisy against Donald Trump is still hypocrisy, and deserves our rebuke. And you don’t need to own a MAGA hat to see it or condemn it.



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