Dear Trump Camp: Why The Post-Election Rage? Didn't You Win?

Donald Trump won the presidential election on Tuesday, but if you were to see and hear the angry sentiments coming from some in his camp, you might be confused. The rage directed at those of the #NeverTrump persuasion is ongoing.

I wouldn’t say the behavior from some of Trump’s most ardent supporters is entirely surprising, though, given their words and actions during the campaign. However, it is somewhat odd considering the outcome of the election was to their liking.

#NeverTrumpers never completely agreed about Trump’s chances of winning. Some thought he might pull it off, and others were sure that scandal-ridden Hillary Clinton would prevail. Personally, I believed Hillary would win despite her icy demeanor and everything in which she had nefariously been engaged. So when she lost on Tuesday, I was proven wrong. This is not difficult to admit since I had always known the election would end one of two ways, neither of which would be my choice.

On one point, however, #NeverTrump was in total agreement. This was the entire reason for their existence. We believed (and still believe) Donald Trump is a reckless man who may well prove to be one of the worst presidents of our lifetime. He is drunk with power, casts aside patience, common sense, and decency, and defines himself as a conservative when he is most certainly not one. These beliefs have not changed. Most important of all, they have not been proven wrong.

The real test for Trump was never at the ballot box, since he always had a 50% chance of winning. No, he must prove himself once he is inaugurated and begins his presidency. #NeverTrumpers may be wrong in the end, but that remains to be seen. As of right now, we haven’t even begun chapter one.

This is why such rageful behavior from Newt Gingrich, Dinesh D’Souza, John Nolte and others is not only juvenile, but glaringly premature.

Classless Newt commented on #NeverTrumpers when appearing on Hannity, as Patterico discussed here:

…the little whiny sniveling negative cowards who are Never Trumpers are beneath our paying attention to them. Let them drift away into the ashbin of history while we go ahead and work with Donald Trump, and with the House and Senate Republicans, to create a dramatically new future.

Dinesh, acting like a bully.

And speaking of histrionics…

One thing we don’t take kindly to is being told to “get in line” and follow the crowd. This won’t happen. It is not our job to join in with Trumpmania just because Donald was victorious on election night. His win was a small part of the puzzle. The real work, the real test, and the real victory are yet to come.

Do I hope Trump emerges as a true conservative leader who does good things for our country and our movement? Definitely. But right now, we have seen nothing to indicate this will occur.

I have yet to see rage coming from #NeverTrump. People on the Trump side who won and take offense when we say he should be held accountable once is office are acting just like the Left. But instead of behaving like sore losers they’re being sore winners, and reminding us why we were #NeverTrumpers all along.

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