VP Pick Tim Kaine: One Of Those "Brave" Pro-Abort Catholics

Tonight is the vice-presidential debate between Senator Tim Kaine and Governor Mike Pence, the “nice” guys who appear in stark contrast to their criminal or con man running mates. Both Kaine and Pence will promote the policy positions of their bosses. Both will have to defend the decisions made and tactics used by their respective campaigns.


The first presidential debate steered clear of social issues such as abortion, but this vice-presidential debate may well address them. Kaine and Pence are both religious, but each holds very different views on ending an unborn child’s life.

Tim Kaine is Catholic, but not strong enough in his faith to let it influence the decisions he holds in his professional life, apparently. As Life News reported in August, Kaine’s position on abortion is as watered-down as you can get.

Earlier this summer Sen. Kaine said: “Personally, I’m opposed to abortion… but the right rule for government is to let women make their own decisions.”

Personally, Kaine is opposed to the legal homicide which ends lives of the unborn to the tune of 3,000 per day. Personally, he doesn’t agree with it. Professionally? Well, that’s a different story for a weak man like Kaine, so enamored with moving up the ladder of political success that he’ll trade defending the sacredness of life for a promotion. But such an attitude fits in well with the Clinton campaign. They’re not huge on morals.

Abortion is a black and white issue, whether American society as a whole likes to admit that or not. If you are against murder in the comfort of your own home, and for it at the office, then you’re a deplorable. There is no middle ground on the issue, especially if you are in a position to directly affect the lives you claim to personally hold so dear.

But that’s Tim Kaine for you. The “nice” guy who is willing to change for the worse. Just this week, the New York Times couldn’t help but slobber over his spinelessness on this very issue.


Early in his political career, Mr. Kaine’s style of Catholicism made him uneasy with some elements of the Democratic Party, particularly on issues like abortion rights and same-sex marriage. While he has since shifted on those issues to accommodate his party — and his running mate — he remains unapologetic about how important his faith is to his career in public service.

Oh, how sweet. What a flimsy faith you possess, Mr. Kaine. Pro-abortion harpie, Hillary Clinton, must just love your resolve.

It’s more than a shame that Tim Kaine presents himself as a dutiful Catholic on the national stage while ignoring the unborn. He follows in the footsteps of Nancy Pelosi, another pro-abort Catholic.

If the topic of abortion comes up tonight, look for Kaine to unashamedly announce his pro-abort position in the same breath as a mention of his faith. He believes one can live in harmony with the other, but the very opposite is true.


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